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What is Sparklight’s customer BGP peering policy?

What is Sparklight’s customer BGP peering policy?


Below are Sparklight’s peering policies and requirements for new or existing Sparklight customers.

  • Customers must have or purchase a router capable of handling the desired connection.
    1. Default only should be a router capable of BGP version 4.
    2. Default and Partial should be capable for accepting at least 50,000 routes as well as BGP version 4.
    3. Default and Full routes should be capable of accepting at least two copies of the full internet IPv4 table as well as two copies of the full IPv6 internet table and BGP version 4.
  • Customers must use an Autonomous System (AS) number assigned by a regional registrar such as American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) that is registered to their organization.
  • All customer route announcements must be registered with one of the regional Internet Routing Registries (IRRs), and a route object must exist for each route prefix.
  • Customers can specify one of the following received-prefixes options:
    1. Default-route only
    2. Partial routes + default-route
    3. Full routes + default-route
  • Sparklight customers are required to configure their own equipment, including but not limited to BGP, import and export policies as any sanity checks.
  • Sparklight requires the use of authentication (MD5) for all customer eBGP peering sessions.
  • Customer are required to filter any routes such as private or public routes not owned and registered.
  • Sparklight will not advertise any prefixes longer the /24 to any peers, and customers should aggregate any longer prefixes up to at least a /24. These aggregates should be visible to any other upstream peering to Sparklight, or any other provider as the same size to ensure proper route selection.
  • At this time, Sparklight does not offer any form of traffic engineering to the customer outside of standard AS prepending to be performed by the customer. Sparklight will not modify the current policies until such time as traffic engineering policies can be made available to all Sparklight customers.

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