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Planned Upgrades to Network in Natchez, MS

I heard/read that there are upgrades planned in the Natchez, MS, area. Why?


The upgrades bring speeds up to 1 gigabit for our customers, allowing us to better serve evolving digital needs and further strengthening the reliability of our high-speed internet service to meet the long-term connectivity needs of your community. The increased speeds provide faster downloads and uploads, enhanced streaming experiences, and uninterrupted connections across multiple devices among employees.

Q. When will work be conducted to upgrade your network?

A. Over the next few weeks, technicians will be upgrading our network in your area. As a result, your services may experience temporary, intermittent outages as part of the planned construction work. To help minimize the interruption this may cause, we will conduct the upgrade work outside of regular business hours, during the overnight maintenance window between midnight and 6 a.m. CT.

Q. I run a hotel/motel/hospital/other business that requires internet services to be running during certain hours.

A. We know connectivity is critical to your business, and our team is committed to working with you to help ensure there is minimal disruption to your operations. To schedule a time that is most convenient, please contact the Business Care Team at 1-877-570-0500.

Q. I was told that the network upgrades have already been conducted in my area, but I’m still without services. Why?

A. If you are still without internet service, we ask that you again power cycle your modem using the steps outlined on our support page: If you have attempted a reboot of your modem and you continue to experience an issue with your services, I can transfer you over to our Technical Care Team for further assistance. We appreciate your continued patience and again apologize for any inconvenience you experienced during this disruption.

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