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Can I get Sparklight TV?


Sparklight TV is currently only available to Sparklight video customers in select areas:

Currently Available: 
Longview, TX
Bisbee, AZ
Altus, OK
Duncan, OK
Dyersburg, TN


Q: What is Sparklight TV?
: Sparklight TV is Live TV made simple. Simply download the Sparklight TV app to view Sparklight TV service on a smart TV, PC, tablet or smartphone or streaming device like Apple TV or Fire Stick. There is no DVR features offered for Business accounts at this time.

Q: How is Sparklight TV different than Cable TV?
A:  Sparklight TV uses an app on your device (smart TV, PC, Table, Smart phone or streaming device like Apple TV or Fire Stick) and delivers it to your device using your home WiFi signal. Cable TV is delivered directly to your TV using a wired cable line and cable box for each TV.

Q: When will Sparklight TV be available in my area?
We anticipate transitioning all Sparklight-served markets to Sparklight TV on a market-by-market basis by the end of 2021. We will be reaching out to our customers with more information when it becomes available in your area.

Q: How does Sparklight TV work?
Sparklight TV is IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, which means television content is delivered over IP networks. Sparklight TV allows you to watch the same programming you currently enjoy on cable TV via the Internet – so you can watch from any screen – whether it’s a smart TV, PC, tablet or smart phone.   

Q: What streaming devices are compatible with Sparklight TV?
 Sparklight TV is compatible with popular streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV. Click here to view the supported streaming devices for Sparklight TV.


Sparklight TV is accessible via popular browsers across a variety of platforms at 



Windows PC


·    Chrome

·    Chrome

·    Edge/Internet Explorer

·    Edge/Internet Explorer

·    Firefox

·    Firefox



·       Android - Chrome

·       iOS - Chrome, Safari

Sparklight Business is not endorsed by or affiliated with Apple®, Amazon®, Android®, or Google®, and all trademarks are those of their respective owners. As an Amazon Associate Sparklight earn from qualifying purchases.

Q. What if I don’t have internet service? Can I still get Sparklight TV?
For business customers, Sparklight TV requires Sparklight Business Internet Service and WiFi service. 

Q: How do I watch Sparklight TV?
Once Sparklight TV is available in your area, you’ll be able to log in to Sparklight TV from your smart TV, streaming device or mobile app to watch Live TV from any screen  – whether it’s a smart TV, PC, tablet or smart phone.  

Q: What channels are available with Sparklight TV?
 For the most part, your channel line-up will remain the same. Sparklight TV Service packages can be found by visiting:

Your current channel line-up can be found by visiting:

Q: I have more than one TV at my business. Can I have concurrent sessions with Sparklight TV? 
A: Yes, you'll be provided with 3 concurrent sessions initially. You may purchase additional sessions, up to a total of 9.

Q: Can I keep my traditional cable TV service? 
  We will be transitioning all Sparklight markets to Sparklight TV on a market-by-market basis by the end of 2021, at which time we will no longer be offering traditional linear cable TV service which requires a cable box.  Existing Cable TV customers will be contacted directly when Sparklight TV service is available for their home.

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