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I just received my Sparklight Business Statement, how do I understand the information on it?

I just received my Sparklight Business Statement, how do I understand the information on it?


Your billing statement is not only used to provide you with the amount that is due for that month, but also serves as a way for us to communicate important updates with your account. See below for instructions on how to read your monthly statement.

  • Special Messaging Area: Any extra notes that require your attention.
  • Contact Info: If you need our hours of operations, phone number, address or website. 
  • Your Info & Account Number: Your account number, name and address will appear on all payments you send us.
  • Account Summary: May included previous balance, payment, adjustments, partial month charge, monthly charge, installation charge, taxes, and other details.
    • Previous Balance: Your previous balance should always be zero unless we did not receive a payment for a previous month. If there is an amount listed, it is due immediately. If you have sent in the payment at the time we are printing your bill, that payment will not be reflected on your statement and you will see a previous balance. Please call to ensure we received payment.
    • Payment Received: This will reflect the last payment we received from you and that has been credited to your account.
    • Monthly Fee: Monthly fees for your service are billed one month in advance. New customers will see a greater monthly fee on your first bill. This is a partial month of service from your activation date to the end of your first billing period and a full fee for your next month billed in advance.
    • Taxes and Fees: Taxes and Fees associated with your account.
    • Due Date: Date the total amount of your bill due. Payment of the total amount must be made upon receipt of the statement.
    • Billed From - Billed To: The period covering this billing statement.
    • Special Information: Any extra notes regarding your statement such as if you are signed up for Easy Pay.

Balance Due: Any total outstanding balance.

Instructions on how to read your new statement


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