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Internet Backup Service

How do I subscribe to Internet Backup Service?


A. You must get Sparklight Business Internet Service in order to add this solution to your services.

Q: Will Internet Backup Service cover my entire Internet services?

A: The Internet Backup Service is intended for Sparklight Business Internet customers who have devices that need to remain connected during a service outage. This solution covers critical devices that are connected to the Cradlepoint E100 device (Internet Backup Service device), providing protection when the primary internet device is offline.

Q: Will I receive an alert when my primary internet goes down?

A: The entire process is seamless as this service will not cause any interruption to your business. At this time, we are working on developing an alert process where messages will be sent through the business My Account portal.

Q: Is there an additional charge if we go above the 2GB limit with Internet Backup Service?

A: No, there is no additional charge if you go over the 2GB limit. However, if you do cross the threshold, we will reduce your download speed.

Q. Can I use this service to watch videos or view my social media channels?

A. No, all social media and video streams will be blocked while Internet Backup Service is being used. This solution is to protect your business’s critical devices during an outage. You’ll be able to access social media and stream video once your primary internet service is restored.

Q. Why do I need the Internet Backup Service?

A. Internet Backup Service is intended for customers who can’t afford to experience downtime in their business. With this service, critical devices such as credit card machines, POS systems and email servers will remain running during an outage.

Q: Does Internet Backup Service protect my Wi-Fi devices as well?

A: Yes. The Sparklight Business Backup SSID will appear once the Internet Backup Service device is powered on. Your wireless devices will stay online if they are connected to that SSID.

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