How Businesses Can Be 'Kind’ in February

It's the time of year when “kindness" is on everyone's calendar. Will you and your business show extra kindness come Feb. 12-18, National Random Acts of Kindness Week?

“Can you imagine a world where kindness is the norm? That's the world we want,” says the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. “That's why we do what we do. And it requires some intentional actions.”

The small nonprofit invests its resources into “making kindness the norm” by creating a common language between schools, work, and home. “We are rooted in the belief that all people can connect through kindness and that kindness can be taught.”

Here are a few ideas on how your business could join the week-long kindness-spreading campaign, or you might choose to pile it all up in a day for Random Acts of Kindness Day on Feb. 17.


Leave a kind comment or review.

 Whether it’s aimed at a local small business, vendor or someone you’ve done business with, show your kindness with a positive review or comment on social media or a review site.

Share what you like about their service or their products. If you know the business owner, leave a post about how they run their business or their leadership in the community you share with them. Make it personal. They may not receive a lot of the recogition they deserve.


Customer appreciation, discount code.

It's a great time to let your customers know how much you appreciate their business. Drop a little kindness to your customers whether it’s email, social media, or media.

To go even further, send out a discount code or coupon to your loyal customers for a future purchase to show your appreciation.


Email kind words. 

It’s always nice to open an email that’s not a crisis about work but instead something positive. 

Take the week to send emails of encouragement or praise to one person or a dozen people in your network, from business owners, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to community partners and nonprofits.

Your gesture of kindness could make an impact on someone who’s struggling with a tough project or issue. 

Draft an email that praises and supports an entrepreneur or new business owner you know for their role in leadership or innovation in the industry or community.

Whatever you’re emailing about or to whom, your words of kindness could make someone’s day.


Compliment employees. 

Spread kindness to your employees by writing notes or verbally sharing compliments with them individually.

Complement them on the role they play in making your business a success -- whether that’s a specific skill, expertise, knowledge, leadership, or collaboration technique.

Let them know how grateful you are that they work at your business or how well they work with customers or fellow employees. Or make your compliment about the work they did on a recent project, a particularly busy day, or their dependability.


Shop local.  

Throw some kindness around the community. Shop at a local business or vendor. Maybe seek a new partnership with a business in the area in honor of kindness.

Ideally, try to find products and services that fit your business, but if you need more time, look for a gift-card opportunity to buy something this week that you can give later as a holiday gift or associate bonus.



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