Outside-the-Box Ideas To Boost Valentine's Day Sales

Looking for Valentine's Day ideas for your business? Here are some ways to capitalize on the growing retail holiday. 


Increased sales during Valentine’s Day could be just the pick-me-up for small business owners experiencing a lull of sorts following the busy holiday season.


Even if your business doesn't carry the customary jewelry or chocolate, there are still ways to promote your products, services, and brand for Valentine’s Day sales this month. 


Consumers are looking to buy — Valentine’s Day ranks up there with Father’s Day in terms of sales by occasion. Last year, shoppers spent an estimated $25.9 billion for Valentine’s Day, with each person spending close to $193 on purchases, according to the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights and Analytics’ annual survey.


Here are a few outside-the-box ideas to help your small business boost sales for Valentine’s Day. 


Look beyond romance

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, but it’s no longer considered a romance-only occasion.


The good news for businesses? That evolution has led to an increased variety of gift-giving for Valentine’s Day, opening up opportunities for more businesses to get in on sales.  


Because more shoppers are looking for a variety of recipients, you have the chance to market your product or service as a unique gift or party favor for different types of gatherings, such as 

Galentine’s Day. 


Or, depending on your offerings, you could promote ideas for parents or grandparents shopping for their children or for kid parties, i.e., toys, arts and crafts, or a gift card for an item you sell, such as ice cream, cupcakes, or other kid-favorite treat.


“Don’t restrict your thinking – Valentine’s Day gifts come in all shapes and sizes,” writes Catherine Erdly, founder of The Resilient Retail Club, in a post on her company’s website.


“What matters most is your messaging. Small businesses have so much to offer Valentine’s shoppers – you must let them know!”


Involve social media

 No surprise here — social media posts should be an automatic for small businesses wanting to promote their business for potential Valentine’s Day customers.


Join in the fun on social media and draw attention to your business by using hashtags and language that celebrate love and friendship.


If you want to get even more creative, marketing experts say, come up with Valentine’s Day-themed hashtags that incorporate your brand or even a specific product that fits the occasion.


Remember Galentine’s Day

Started by a fictional TV show character more than a decade ago, Galentine’s Day has become a real thing (as in a gift-buying, party-worthy occasion).


Gatherings start as early as Feb. 1, but Galentine’s Day is “officially” Feb. 13, as designated by “Parks and Rec” character Leslie Knope in a 2010 episode as a time to celebrate and appreciate her women friends. (The timing also means single and committed friends can come together without jeopardizing any V-Day plans.).


For your business, though, it means more opportunities to draw attention to your products and services as fun gifts, party favors, or venue ideas for Galentine’s Day.


Broaden your thinking

 The more you broaden your thinking around the Valentine’s Day concept beyond couple-centric romance, the more options you’ll have to market your business, products, and services for increased sales opportunities.


One demographic to consider is single people. They could easily be attracted to the idea of buying something for themselves. For example, you could catch their attention with a “treat yourself” promotion if you have products or services that fit the self-care or celebration-at-home category.


Consider last-minute shoppers

Targeting the last-minute Valentine’s Day gift-buyer could be another way to generate sales for your business this month.


Procrastinators all over the world will appreciate any offers that will make their shopping easier and available on time for their Valentine's Day.


For example, if you’re an online business, offer overnight or even same-day shipping for customers who spend over a certain amount. Or you could frame your products/services in a Top 5 list of “perfect last-minute gift ideas” to help attract the “oh-no” shoppers who need your help.



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