Brush the Dust Off your Small Business this Spring

The start of spring is usually a time for sprucing up our spaces which is why many of us participate in the age-old ritual of spring cleaning. Tidying up shouldn't be limited to homes and landscapes, though. Spring is also a great time for sprucing up small business operations.

Review Your Small Business' Business Plan

Spring is an especially good time of year to review business plans. The warmer weather, tax refunds and increased customer traffic prompt businesses to look ahead and make plans for the coming months.

Take time to review your business plan. First, make sure it still aligns with the business' mission statement. Second, check to see whether there are strategic improvements you can make to improve efficiency. Perhaps it's time to begin outsourcing more, reviewing existing contracts or searching for new opportunities.

Check Employees' Job Descriptions

With a renewed business plan in hand, check each employee's job description. Make sure the descriptions are helping your business grow and accomplish its goals and make adjustments where they are needed.

Additionally, you might want to alter job descriptions based on individual strengths. These descriptions are usually written before employees are hired. After having had an employee for some time, you have a better idea of who they are and what they are good at. If an employee's strength isn't being fully utilized because their job description doesn't make use of it, work with them so that the description is tailored to their abilities.

Unload Unused Inventory and Supplies

If your business has a lot of unused supplies or inventory lying around, spend some time decluttering. Files that you no longer use, equipment that's outdated and inventory that's gone unsold can all be unloaded.

The benefits you'll see from decluttering may vary depending on what kinds of unused items you have. At the very least, you'll have a cleaner workspace that reflects a professional culture. If any items have monetary value, you can sell them to get a cash infusion. Even a small cash infusion can make a big difference -- especially when planning projects for the rest of the year.

Adjust Your Online Marketing Efforts

Unless your business has a full department that's dedicated to managing online marketing efforts, it's likely been some time since you reviewed best practices. And, since marketing trends change constantly, there is a good chance that your digital strategy may need some updating.

Spend some time reading up on the latest changes in social media marketing, pay per click advertising and search engine optimization. Then, bring your business' platforms and campaigns into alignment with these new concepts. Be sure to check your website, social media profiles and paid campaigns.

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual for good reason. Spending time now tidying up will pay dividends throughout the summer, fall and winter. Take time for these four activities, and you'll be glad you did in the coming months.

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