Why Reliable Internet Service is So Important to Your Business

We talked about how you know if your Business's Internet is Reliable, now let’s talk about why a reliable connection is necessary for success.


Why Reliable Internet Service is So Important to Your Business

Reliable internet at your business keeps processes moving smoothly and more efficiently, allowing for quick access to the software you need as well as supporting business growth.


In addition to interfering with your internal processes, connectivity interruptions and speed issues can impact productivity at all levels of a business, as well as employee interactions and communications with customers.


Here are three areas of opportunity that your business could open with reliable, high-speed internet,  including a fiber-rich internet connection.


Customer Experience.

Faster, reliable internet could help boost your customer experiences.


First, quicker access to cloud-hosted information via SaaS tools and other platforms would help with delays in response times to customers and prospects, and, according to consumer research, rapid response time is cited as a key factor for a positive customer experience.


Further, reliable, high-speed internet performance supports repeat business and customer loyalty. Research shows that slow-loading pages or delays can prompt customers to leave your website and steer their business to a competitor. You definitely don’t want that!



When your business has enough speed and internet connectivity it can count on, you gain opportunities for more efficient processes and increased productivity but also more time for other aspects of your business.


Time opens up for you to focus on new ideas for products and services, big-picture plans, and ways to build a positive work culture or staff recruitment. Time for growth!


Research indicates that businesses and organizations with all or partial fiber internet connections experience more opportunities for innovation and accelerated innovation. Further, according to data, business communities with fiber-fueled internet networks see increased development, expansion, and e-commerce in the area.


Employee productivity.

Most everyone understands the impact lagging or connectivity interruptions can have on a business – and it’s not good.


And there’s research to back that up -- internet issues cause productivity to slow at all levels of a business. The wait time, whether for uploads and downloads or access to data or platforms, results in lost productivity.


And even if that’s just seconds at a time, the delays accumulate over days and weeks, adding up to measurable productivity loss over a year. Not to mention, unreliable internet at a business creates frustration and low morale, which also can affect productivity and employee retention.


The Power of Fiber Internet

To open more opportunities, consider the power of a fiber internet network, which can deliver speeds hundreds of times faster than traditional internet service.  


A key benefit of fiber internet is symmetrical speeds -- you get the same high speed for downloads and uploads. Your upload speed, which is the rate that data is transferred from your computer to the internet, means employees can work more productively, with ease of access to cloud-based services, large file uploads, and video conferencing.  


The infrastructure of Fiber is insulated against many outside threats, so the signal is highly secure.


Sparklight Business prides itself on providing Reliable Business Internet. Chaos Brewing Company, a Joplin, MO Tap Room, and Craft Brewery, powers its small business with Sparklight Business Internet.


This Tap Room and Craft Brewery uses Sparklight Business Internet and WiFi as an integral part of its customer experience – it powers Trivia night and allows patrons to gather while working on college projects, hanging with friends and for larger gatherings for groups that rent out the space.


Co-owner Dale Clark says, "This is possible because we have reliable internet. You can't operate without a reliable internet provider."





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