How Do You Know Your Business Internet Connection Is Reliable? 

Is Your Business Internet Connection Reliable? 

Less-than-desirable internet performance, such as lag or interruptions in connectivity, can get frustrating for almost everyone at a business — and can affect everything from productivity and sales to customer experiences. 


If this scenario rings familiar, or you’re a start-up looking at internet options, consider these three factors that can contribute to unreliable internet issues at your business.


Your Router.

One of the most common connectivity issues comes from a poor or outdated router.


Try rebooting your router, changing its position, or replacing it. If you use your own router, it may not be capable of reaching max speeds. Check whether your router is rated to handle speeds greater than 100 Mbps.


Other equipment or devices that could cause unreliability issues are switches, WiFi APs, or firewalls, which sometimes have put limitations on the amount of traffic routed to the internet.   


Need more speed.

You may be having issues due to inadequate speed. Do you have enough speed to support operations and processes at your business?


Adding speed could be the solution, plus doing so will open up opportunities to do more and grow your business.   


When considering whether speed is a reliability issue, consider any changes in your business since initially signing on with a provider. Have you added staff or expanded your need to access cloud-based apps or programs? 


The number of employees and devices matter when determining how much speed a business needs.


Internet Provider. 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but choosing a quality provider can make a difference when it comes to internet reliability.


Look for a business internet provider that offers the right bandwidth tier to support your type and size of operations, as well as options that let you bundle other services and features you may need, such as WiFi and phone.


Though speed tiers will vary, providers measure internet speed the same way -- by how much data can be uploaded or downloaded in a second. 


In addition to the number of devices and employees, consider how much your business relies on the internet. For example, if you’re doing extra-large downloads regularly.

You’d want to select a provider that can deliver the highest speeds.


For the most reliable and fastest speeds, check to see if there’s a provider that offers reliable business fiber internet in your area. Fiber internet service can provide your business access to up to 5 gig, identical download/upload speeds, and seamless upgrades as you grow. 

Many businesses, if not all, see a reliable internet connection as critical to operations and success. So, it makes sense that you’d want to find a quality provider that guarantees speeds and reliable connectivity.


Sparklight Business prides itself on Reliable Business Internet. Chaos Brewing Company, a Joplin, MO Tap Room and Craft Brewery, powers its small business with Sparklight Business Internet.


This Tap Room and Craft Brewery uses Sparklight Business Internet and WiFi as an integral part of its customer experience – it powers Trivia night and allows patrons to gather while working on college projects, hanging with friends and for larger gatherings for groups that rent out the space.


Co-owner Dale Clark says, “This is possible because we have reliable internet. You can't operate without a reliable internet provider."



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