WAN Network Security Considerations

A wide area network, or WAN, offers broad network coverage and connectivity across multiple remote sites. Having a firm grasp of enterprise network security practices is vital in keeping your business secure. Here, we’ll explore several components of WAN management and offer wide area network security tips to ensure your sensitive information is protected.

1. Enterprise Network Cloud Solutions

From cloud storage to VPN access, cloud computing helps businesses streamline operations, share and access files across multiple locations across the globe, and connect with employees and partners at home and abroad. When storing important files on the cloud, make sure to choose a reputable provider and carefully read their vendor service agreement. Fiber-optic managed WAN solutions offered by Cable ONE Business provide 24/7 monitoring, alerts, and support to keep your cloud activities private and secure.

2. WAN Security & Mobile Devices

Mobile access is a crucial component of Ethernet network security. With Cable ONE Business enterprise network solutions, your bandwidth and internet connection are private and protected from outside access. Be sure to set up a password to protect (Change every quarter) your Wi-Fi network, only approved mobile devices should be able to join. Make sure to encrypt your network to prevent a security breach. You should also pay attention to the apps your mobile devices are running. Try to limit the number of apps you use, and choose each app's accessibility options wisely.

3. Malware

Malware can come in many forms, all of which pose a great security risk to businesses. Some are disguised as antivirus software, while others silently install themselves on computers through fraudulent links and email attachments. Once installed, these malicious programs can record keystrokes, block access to files and applications, and steal all types of information. Installing a firewall, turning on spam filters, and blocking malicious sites are all smart ways to protect your enterprise WAN.

4. Application Issues

As with mobile apps, you should exercise the same caution when installing and running programs on your computers. While many programs can help your business, many also compromise your security without your knowledge. Research a program thoroughly before installing it, and configure your firewall to prevent unauthorized programs from accessing your computer.

5. Choose a Professional Team of Network Management Specialists

Even when a business takes precautions, there's still a chance for something to go awry. That's why you should choose a company that provides 24/7/365 managed network security services. Cable ONE Business provides round-the-clock network monitoring and support to maximize uptime and resolve issues in a flash, usually within a couple of hours. If you experience a WAN security problem or other issue with your internet service, simply call to speak to a knowledgeable representative who will quickly connect you with the help and support you need.

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