4 Ways to Make Sure Your Sales Presentation Bombs

Small business owners are often the recipients of sales presentations from those marketing to businesses. But what if the tables are turned and you’re the one making the pitch? If you’re offering a product or service to other businesses, it may not be that uncommon.  Here are four sure-fire ways to guarantee your sales presentation is a flop (and suggestions on what to do instead).

  1. Just Jump Right In – Do your homework before meeting with your client. Gather relevant information that will help you understand their needs. A simple Internet search might be a good place to start. Don’t waste your customer’s time by asking the obvious. Customers appreciate it, and you demonstrate that you respect their time.
  2. Do All the Talking – Good salespeople typically do more listening than talking. They ask questions, then sit back and listen to what the customer says. You have to find out what they need before you can offer a solution. Less successful salespeople start with the solution.
  3. Emphasize a Good Deal – Sales that are made solely on price are typically lost when a lower-priced product comes along (and there’s always a cheaper product out there). Emphasize value instead. How does your product or service help to solve their problem?
  4. Pounce on the Competition – Less successful salespeople tarnish their credibility by disparaging a competitor’s product. After all, they aren’t exactly the most unbiased source of information. Instead, concentrate on the benefits of your product and how it meets the customer’s needs.

Sales presentations are an important opportunity to communicate the value you can provide to a prospective customer. Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll be sure your message is heard.

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