How To Maximize Your Sales This Summer

Small business owners who are looking to bolster their marketing efforts this summer have a chance to leverage sales opportunities with a variety of marketing strategies and promotions.

Here are a few ideas on how you could bring in more customers to your business, and even move some of your less popular items from your inventory.   


Set Up Outdoors

The summer months can be a perfect time to take your business outdoors, particularly if you're a restaurant or cafe owner who has space for outdoor seating or a retailer with a physical storefront. 

Set up a sidewalk sale to attract potential customers to your physical location — it's a great way to draw new people in and appeal to repeat business from customers who know your products and services.

If you're in a shopping district or near other businesses, ask other retailers if they'd like to join you and make it a street-long summer sale. Make it a particular weekend or a day-long summer sales event. Be sure to coordinate promotions so both businesses can cast a wider net for potential sales and brand awareness.


Make Summer Special

Businesses that already have a customer rewards program could offer the chance to earn extra points for all purchases made in the summer months.

For those who don't have a loyalty program yet, make this summer your kick-off season for one.

Customers like the idea of working toward a gift or reward by a given date, so creating a promotion with rewards could boost sales. Consider rewarding customers at the end of summer with a gift or some type of discount coupon, either redeemable now or in the future.

Also, when thinking big sales this summer, look beyond the popular Memorial Day weekend sale —there are other summer holidays and occasions that present marketing opportunities for big summer sales, such as the first day of summer (June 20), Father's Day, and the Fourth of July.


Create 'Made for Summer' Products or Bundles

If you're a business that has products or services with a "natural" seasonal connection to summer, like ice cream or hot-weather activity gear, this is your time to shine.

Other businesses can try to identify creative ways to position their products or services to fit into a summer theme, including offering limited-edition items. A popular strategy for restaurants, for example, is promoting a weekly specialty beverage or summer treat or adding new menu items featuring seasonal fruits or vegetables.

Another idea is to package products or services into summer bundles geared for hot-weather activities, beauty care, vacations, home projects, etc.

You could also use a bundle strategy to move products off your shelves this summer by packaging some of your best sellers and lowest selling items together, notes a post by Shopify.

"Experiment with creating a mix-and-match bundle option or a buy-one-get-one offer," the blog adds.


Festivals and Markets

Get extra exposure for your business at farmers' markets and summer festivals, which are in full swing during this season's longer days and nicer weather.

Identify when and where your local farmer's market is held and find out how to get a spot there for your business. Also, look around the area or region for other nearby markets and festivals your business could join to reach even more potential customers.


Collaborate with Other Businesses

Join forces with another retailer to boost summer sales. Brainstorm promotions or sales events that could bring benefits to both businesses.

Create a special summer package together or distribute coupons to each other's stores, suggests the Shopify blog. "For example, a bakery and a deli can team up to create a boxed picnic lunch for both sets of customers," the post says.


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