Grow Your Business – 10 Free Digital Marketing Webinars

I have a website, I send some emails, and I even do Facebook. What else is there?

Congratulations, you’re harnessing the power of digital marketing. But don’t stop there. Something new is always around the corner. So how do busy small business owners stay up-to-date with all that digital marketing can do? Take a look at these free online webinars and find out. (Bonus—you can watch them when it’s convenient for you.)

Opportunity is knocking. ROBO Economy reports 82% of customers check their smartphones before making an in-store purchase. And up to 45% read online reviews (it’s even higher for automotive, hardware and health/beauty stores). If your digital marketing efforts aren’t reaching this audience, you may be losing out on ways to grow your business. 

10 Webinars to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

In an hour or less, webinars like these can help you keep current on what’s new.

Becoming a Better Business Using 3 Top Marketing Trends (60 minutes) – The SCORE webinar shows small business owners how to break through the clutter of ads consumers see every day (the average is 5,000 ads). It focuses on using storytelling to build your brand.

Growing Your Business With Instagram (3-5 minutes) – This is a series of three short videos from Facebook showing how Instagram can grow your business and how to set up an account for your own business.

Local SEO Ranking Your Business in 2020 (50 minutes) – Learn why you should be concerned about local search and how to get your business listed in Google Maps. Then optimize your local listing so people see you when searching online.  

Social Media Marketing (30 minutes) – This online course from the Small Business Administration (SBA) presents research-based strategies and processes to get the most from your social media efforts. It includes a checklist on designing your own social media marketing plan.

8 Mistakes Digital Marketers Make And How to Avoid Them (44 minutes) –  Avoid common missteps in search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, paid search and website optimization. 

Does Google Love My Business? How to Rule in Local Search (60 minutes) – This SCORE webinar gives you a step-by-step process for optimizing your website so you’re more visible to consumers in your area. You’ll also get some tips to update your Google My Business account.

Link-Building Strategies That Move The Needle (42 minutes) – What links do you have on your website? Who links to you? Links can be an important way to improve search engine rankings. Learn what others are doing and what tools can help you measure your “linkability.” 

Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small (50 minutes) – There’s always a shiny new digital tool that catches your eye. How do you focus on the ones that will work for your business, without breaking your budget? This webinar shows you how.

The Ultimate Formula For Making More Sales By Mastering Social Media Marketing (45 minutes) – How do you know you’re getting the most from the social media platforms you use? This webinar gives you a process to answer that. You’ll also learn about the three types of posts that immediately impact your bottom line.

The Importance of Online Reviews (36 minutes) – How do you better manage the reviews customers leave about your business? Watch this webinar and find out what tools are available and how to incorporate that into your overall digital marketing strategy.

Watch one of these webinars and expand your digital marketing chops. They’re free and might reveal just the tip you’ve been looking for to grow your small business.

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