4 Ways to Enhance Your Online Presence and Boost Sales

Establishing a dynamic online presence should be an important part of every marketing plan, whatever your business type, but for those competing for attention in the e-commerce space, it's of utmost priority.

Here are four ideas on how you could boost your presence online and give your company and brand increased exposure to potential customers.

Leverage Promotions Created By Popular Sites

Identify ways your business can market around already-publicized e-commerce "events" and promotions held by marketplace sites, such as Amazon's Prime Day.

Take advantage of the built-in hoopla and anticipated surge in traffic by joining the event as a "seller" or creating a storefront if you don't already have one, and implement site-recommended tactics that could help your business stand out during the event.

If you're not directly participating, build a marketing strategy that leverages the timing of a site-wide promotion.

For example, by using promotions and special offers that coincide with Prime Day your business might be able to grab attention from the mega sales event's "halo effect" — the increase in sales and traffic that ecommerce retailers experience before, during and after Prime Day due to the surge of shopper interest and spending.

Last year's Prime Day was the biggest shopping event ever for sellers on the marketplace, according to Amazon, with the marketplace outpacing Amazon's own retail business. The event's first day, July 11, was the single largest sales day in Amazon's history, the company says.

Optimize For Mobile

It's imperative for businesses to optimize for mobile if they want to increase their online presence and convert browsers into customers — shoppers browsing on their devices want a seamless experience.

Be sure to have shoppable images and videos on your e-commerce storefront and other accessible sites where your business is promoting products, including your social media. Also, always try to highlight your signature products or even bestsellers toward the top.

Use Social Media 

Yes, it is a no-brainer, but it is worth repeating — your social media strategy is integral to boosting your online presence, particularly if your business sells products on social media (known as social commerce).

Another facet is social commerce, or when a business sells products on mobile devices, such as dedicated apps or mobile browser transactions, explains a post by Sprout Social.

"Social media ecommerce comes into play often as 99% of all social media users access the apps from their mobile devices," according to a blog by Chloe West for the social media management software company.

Social media experts recommend businesses use a combination of organic and paid strategies.

"Paid social media can help you reach an even wider audience — but your organic content is what's going to keep them coming back," she writes.

Incorporate Some Prime Day Tactics 

For example, if you're a seller on Amazon, the company encourages sellers to create their own deals page to promote their product offers.

It also points its sellers to paid-advertising options, including" Lightning Deals" and “Sponsored Products," to increase customer traffic to your store during the event.

Lightning Deals are promotional offers that temporarily feature products on popular Amazon Deals pages. To qualify, sellers pay a non-refundable fee, which is higher during holidays and special events such as Prime Day.

With Sponsored Products, your items are displayed in search results and product detail pages when search terms entered by a Prime member match the keywords you bid on.

Sponsored Product campaigns don't require monthly or upfront fees. "You bid the maximum amount that you're willing to pay when a shopper clicks an ad for your products," says Amazon. "The more competitive your bid, the more likely your ad is to be displayed when it matches a customer's shopping query."


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