Cyber Monday Success Tips

Not long ago, the Monday following Thanksgiving was a day when consumers finished up leftover pumpkin pie and turkey sandwiches. Today, however, they’re filling up a different way – by making online holiday purchases on Cyber Monday.

As a small business owner, Cyber Monday represents a chance to make inroads in holiday shopping profits. Unlike Black Friday, which can entail longer operating hours and other expensive tactics, such as increased staffing and security, Cyber Monday simply requires a concerted effort targeting those who prefer the comfort and convenience of shopping online.

Here are some ways you can make Cyber Monday a success for your small business.

Don’t be intimidated

Competing online with big-name merchants can seem daunting. However, the medium is a great equalizer – everyone competes in the same space, give or take a few pixels. By creating a website that’s intuitive, well designed and functional, you’ve set the stage for successful selling when Cyber Monday comes. For tips on developing a killer small business website, check out this video.

Make Cyber Monday work for you

While it may seem that merchants who sell tangible goods like toasters or pillow covers might have an edge, virtually anything can be sold on Cyber Monday. Are you a massage therapist? Consider offering buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals. Do you run a car wash? Consider a coupon book stocking stuffer. The point is, if you can sell a product or service there’s a Cyber Monday angle that can be used to encourage consumers to buy.

Use social media and email to promote Cyber Monday deals ahead of time

Leading up to Cyber Monday, let current customers on your e-mailing lists know that you’ll be offering special deals and discounts. Include this information on Facebook and Twitter so friends and followers can learn about deals and share this information. Consider Pinterest, if your product or service is better promoted in pictures. These grass-roots marketing efforts are a money-saving alternative to traditional advertising.

Promote buying locally

While it’s a given that some deal seekers could care little about where they buy (as long as they get a decent price), a significant number of consumers prefer to buy locally. If you cater to a smaller footprint, don’t be shy about promoting the fact that you’re a locally run business. It puts a face to your name and is one advantage the big box advertisers can’t leverage.

Jump the gun

Have you noticed that while they call it ‘Black Friday,’ many merchants start a day earlier? The strategy here is to get a jump on the competition by being first out of the gates with incredible offers.

With this in mind, you may want to consider kicking off your Cyber Monday sales a day earlier when consumers have all day to shop online. Who knows, your business could become a Cyber Sunday pioneer!

Cyber Monday has quickly become part of the national holiday shopping landscape and will be here before you know it. By following these tips ahead of time your small business can navigate it successfully.

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