Are Commercials Right for Your Small Business?

When it comes to TV commercials, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is few small businesses can afford to do one during the basketball playoffs. The good news is they don’t have to. Small businesses can reach smaller, more targeted audiences at an affordable price, especially with cable TV and video subscription services. Find out how you can afford to promote your small business using these channels.

It used to be that businesses wanting to advertise on TV had to choose between the three broadcast networks. Today, consumers have a much broader choice. There are now cable stations for almost every interest. And streaming video subscription services like Hulu are expanding the field even further. That means there’s more competition for your ad dollars and advertisers are ready to bargain.

Here are some affordable ways to use commercials to build your brand:

  • Buy Local – If you offer pest control services, you only need the people in your geographic area to see your commercial. So buy time from local or independent stations, perhaps during the morning or evening news. Cable stations also offer affordable spots that only run locally. Choose a station that features home improvement and you can target not only your area but also people who have a related interest.
  • Consider Pre-Roll Advertising – Streaming video subscription services like YouTube or Hulu offer an affordable alternative – pre-roll. Those are the short videos that are displayed before viewers can watch the selected program. YouTube reports that 85 percent of viewers watch an entire 15-second pre-roll. Depending on the specific ad buy, you may be charged only when someone clicks on your video – so your cost is limited to people who are interested.
  • Buy in Bulk – Consider buying multiple TV spots at a time. You’ll likely get a discount by doing so. It can also get you better placement, where higher numbers of your target market are more likely to see it. Pay for it upfront and you’ll often get an even better price.
  • Negotiate a Package Deal – Ask the station or network if they offer other promotional opportunities. For example, some offer ads on their website. Others offer co-sponsorships to community events. Some stations are also affiliated with radio stations that can play your ad. By negotiating a package deal, you may be able to extend the reach of your TV spots. That gets your name out in other media.

Commercial advertising isn’t just for big companies. Small businesses can find affordable ways to use this medium to build brand visibility. The trick is to target your ad buy so you’re reaching the right audience. Then use these tips to get the best deal.

Editor’s Note: Cable ONE Advertising can help you navigate the changing word of advertising. Our award-winning producers can create a highly-effective commercial or pre-roll video for your business at an affordable rate. Then we can help you create a media plan that best fits your business' needs by targeting your customers on multiple screens – at home and on the go, using multi-media products. Contact us today!

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