Video Pre-Roll 101

For TV fans, orange is the new black. But for marketers, “pre-roll video” is the new “online banner ad.” According to one study, pre-roll is 8 to 25 times more effective than banner ads. Whether you’re launching a new business or expanding a current one, pre-roll is becoming a popular way to promote your small business. Never heard of it? Don’t worry. Here are the basics of pre-roll video and why your small business should consider it.

What is it?

You’ve probably experienced a pre-roll video on popular websites like YouTube or Hulu. You clicked to watch a video. But before it displayed, you were invited to watch a short 15-30 second video. That’s a pre-roll video. Think of it like the previews of coming attractions at the movies.

Often pre-roll video has content that is related to the video you are about to see. In some cases you are able to “skip” the video after the first 5-10 seconds. In others, you are given a choice of videos to watch. The idea is to create awareness and drive viewers to your website. That’s where they can find more information about your business.

Pre-roll has been used to: highlight existing products/services, launch a new product/service, promote a holiday sale, provide tips on how a product is used, showcase customer testimonials.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Pre-roll

Pre-roll video offers a number of unique advantages as a promotional tool. Here are four reasons to consider this media for your small business:

  • People actually watch them – You’re catching viewers just as they’re poised to watch a video they selected. So they’re willing to view a pre-roll first in order to get to it. The percentage of people who watch an entire pre-roll can range from 75 to 80 percent depending on the link.
  • Pre-roll comes to them – Pre-roll can be accessed at home on their laptop or while on the go using a mobile device. They don’t have to seek out the video. It’s delivered wherever they are. In addition to streaming video channels, pre-roll is starting to show up on video game websites as well.
  • Able to target viewers – You can post pre-roll on websites with related content or within searches for related search terms. For example, you might feature a video for screen protectors on search results for “smartphones.” That lets you target shoppers with a complementary product.
  • Maximizes investment in existing video – Make use of your existing video by creating a pre-roll version from existing footage. That extends the reach of your video assets without the expense of having to create a new video.

Pre-roll video can be a useful part of your overall marketing mix. It allows you to target viewers at a time when they are ready to watch a video. That can increase the likelihood that you will reach potential customers.

Editor’s Note: Cable ONE Advertising can help you navigate the changing word of advertising. Our award-winning producers can create a highly-effective commercial or pre-roll video for your business at an affordable rate. Then we can help you create a media plan that best fits your business' needs by targeting your customers on multiple screens – at home and on the go, using multi-media products. Contact us today!

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