4 Ways Thanks Motivates Employees

Want to almost double your employees’ motivation? You don’t need an expensive incentive program. And you don’t have to give them a raise. In fact, it won’t cost you anything. You can do it with two words. Just tell them “thank you.” Here are four ways small business owners can motivate employees using this simple but effective concept.

A study by Glassdoor, an online career site, reports that 80 percent of employees work harder if their boss shows appreciation. In contrast, only 40 percent work harder for demanding bosses.

But it’s more than increased motivation. Another study concluded that thanking employees lead to better retention. And it fosters the kind of reputation that makes it easier to recruit new employees.

Clearly, it makes good business sense to thank your staff.

4 Easy Ways to Say Thank You

Simply saying “thank you” is one way to express appreciation. Here are some other approaches that small business owners can use:

What do you think? – When someone asks your opinion, you feel valued. So, poll your staff members for their take on a problem you’re trying to solve. You may uncover a great idea that you would never have generated on your own. The employee will also be more invested in the outcome since they helped to create it.

I noticed that. – It’s the little things that combine to make a big difference in business. So thanking an employee for doing an everyday task keeps them focused on what’s important. It’s likely to stand out since it’s a task they do routinely. For example, thank an employee who straightens the merchandise on a rack after the morning rush.

I know I can always count on you for. – Everyone likes to feel special. So singling out an employee for a specific contribution lets them know you recognize their unique talent. For some, it’s best to give this feedback individually. But some staff members like public recognition. So consider making the statement in a staff meeting in front of their peers.

It’s been crazy lately, thanks for hanging in there. – It can be difficult for employees to keep performance high during busy times, like the upcoming holiday season. So boost their motivation by recognizing their resiliency. It helps to diffuse stress and acknowledges a challenging situation. It might also help you identify something you can do to make it better.

Invest in your employees by thanking them for the work they do. It will pay off in a more motivated workforce and will likely result in better service to your customers.

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