7 Remarkable Benefits of Operating a Pet-Friendly Office

What's that, Lassie? Timmy from Accounting fell into the fax machine?

Let's be serious—Timmy probably doesn't need rescuing from old office equipment's dark, dusty confines. But plenty of genuine benefits come with allowing pets in the workspace.

Before you let Fido hop into the passenger seat, it's essential to consider the potential drawbacks of a pet-friendly policy:

Allergies and Phobias 

If you or your employees have animal allergies, pets may be a no-go for your small business. Allergies aside, some people aren't comfortable around certain kinds of animals.

Time Required

A pet will likely need multiple potty breaks a day. If your small business operations don't have the time or space to accommodate a pet's potty needs, you're in for a big mess.

Potential Distractions

Dogs bark, cat's meow, and turtles—well, turtles might actually be quiet. But most animals make noises that can be disruptive to the work at hand.

Legal and Insurance Problems

A scratch or a bite that happens at work could put you on the hook for insurance or lawsuit costs. Do your research about how to handle these kinds of situations.

If none of these issues is a problem, consider adopting a pet-friendly policy. Whether it's your pet or an employee's, it's important first to ensure that the animal is well trained and comfortable around people.

Then, it's for you to decide when it's okay for your furry friend to come in and whether you'll allow multiple pets in your workspace at once. Do what makes sense for your small business and start enjoying these seven amazing benefits!

1. Reduces Stress

For many people, coming home to a good cuddle from a beloved pet is one of the best remedies for a stressful day at work. Why wait until you're out of the office? Even a short break spent petting or bonding with a pet can reduce work-related anxiety and help center a person's emotions. When they return to work, they'll focus more on the task.

2. Take Breaks, Walk More

In addition to reducing stress, having an animal in the office means one or more of you will have to take a few breaks to play, go for a short walk, or entertain your furry friend. And that's a good thing! Multiple short breaks throughout the day help prevent employees from getting fatigued, especially those working at a desk or computer all day. That little bit of extra exercise doesn't hurt, either.

3. Decreases Turnover

A pet-friendly policy is a significant benefit for many people and goes a long way toward attracting new talent. Businesses are increasingly allowing employees to bring their pets to work. If your small business is among them, you might start seeing more job applicants who value such policies. And if you hire someone along with their furry friend, they won't want to give up that perk anytime soon.

4. Fewer Absences

Pets demand a lot of attention, and allowing them in the office means their owners won't need to leave to take them out or refill the water bowl. You might discover your employees can work longer hours and devote more attention to their job if they don't have to worry about leaving their pets alone at home.

5. Boosts Morale

You and your employees will inevitably face adversity at some point. Whether it's a hectic day that turns the place upside down, or an entire month of unexpected challenges, having a friendly pet can brighten the mood and spread some smiles.

6. Promotes Interaction

If you and your coworkers have trouble finding points of common interest, then bringing a pet to work might be just the thing for you. Many people love talking about their pets and sharing stories, which can help create better social bonds between your employees.

Even if you're petting the same animal at the same time, it's a great place to start a conversation.

7. Lowers Petcare Costs

Sending a pet to daycare isn't financially possible for everyone, and a pet-friendly policy can help lower or eliminate that cost. This further helps reduce stress and helps your pet owners focus on what needs to get done during the day. Your furry friend won't mind the new commute!

So, Is a Pet-Friendly Policy Right for Your Small Business?

If there aren't any apparent issues with allowing pets at work, then your small business can benefit considerably from a pet-friendly policy. Start the conversation with your employees today and enjoy these seven benefits!

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