3 Ways to Learn More About Your Customers

Your customers are happy with the service you provide, right? If you’re hesitating, it might make sense to find out more.  Ever think of just asking them?

Customer surveys can be a quick and easy method to see for yourself what they’re thinking.

Here are three types of surveys you can use. Each has specific advantages and disadvantages to consider when making your choice:

Online Surveys

Some businesses include a message on their receipts inviting customers to take an online survey. Often these are linked to a coupon for their next visit.

  • Advantages: low cost (SurveyMonkey.com offers a free service), results are easier to summarize, available 24-7 for people to respond
  • Disadvantages: survey must be short, person responding may not be your customer, cannot ask follow-up questions

Phone Survey

Some businesses conduct phone interviews with customers, assuming they have their contact information.

  • Advantages: able to clarify questions, can ask follow-up questions, fast
  • Disadvantages: customers must respond on your time, caller-ID may prevent you from getting through, customers may respond differently based on how the interviewer asks the question

Mail Survey

These have been a traditional choice for business but are becoming less common.

  • Advantages:  customers can respond to visual elements, can respond anonymously, questions are asked the same way for all customers
  • Disadvantages: increasing postage costs, time it takes for people to respond, traditionally low response rates

Need more information? The SBA offers additional resources to help you research your market.

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