5 Must-Have Elements for Your Customer Welcome Back Packet

What are you doing to welcome back returning customers who have been hunkered down this past year? In some ways, they’re like a new customer. So why not treat them like one? For example, many businesses use welcome packets with new customers. What if you created a “welcome back” packet for returning ones? It might be a great way to revitalize your relationship. Here are five must-have elements to include in the packet.

A welcome back packet can take many forms. It could be a simple print brochure, a PDF you attach to an email or post on your website or an email message. There are a number of low-cost templates on websites like Canva or Etsy to create a personalized brochure. But whatever format it takes, here are five elements you should include:

5 Must-Have Elements

1. A positive tone.

Many customers are in an optimistic mood, ready to get back into the swing of things. So meet that sentiment with a positive tone. Rather than dwell on the sacrifices of the past year, focus on how your business can help them move forward.

Remember to express gratitude. You appreciate the trust they’ve given in the past and are ready to continue earning it now. Be sure to personalize the message by using their name. It’s another acknowledgement of your previous connection.

2. The new 411.

Don’t forget to include the basics: your contact information, hours of operation, location/direction to your business, website or social media URLs. It may have been a year for some customers and you may have made some changes since then. Some businesses attach a premium, like a magnet with their current contact information.

This is also a good place to communicate any health practices you’re observing, like social distancing or masks for unvaccinated customers. You can also highlight any new conveniences offered like curbside pickup, online ordering or no-contact payment. This can reassure customers who are still hesitant about venturing out.

3. Heads up on what’s new.

Give customers a sneak peek at any new products or services, especially if you have discontinued some and offer new alternatives now. Think about what you offer that customers need to get back out there.

Need some inspiration? CNBC reports that the six hottest items for post-pandemic sales in April were: skirts, jeans, champagne, shoes, shaving kits and swimsuits. You may not offer these items but you get the idea about what consumers are thinking.

4. Helpful hints.

It’s not just a product or service that customers are after. It’s also your expertise. That’s something they can’t get just anywhere and it’s where small businesses shine. So share a little of that in your welcome back packet.

It might be quick hints to diagnose a problem or new ways to use an old product. For example, a lawn and garden business could share the “3 Signs You Could Be Watering Your Plants Too Much.” Remind customers they can get more of these insights by “liking” your Facebook page or signing-up for your monthly newsletter.

5. Call to action.

Give customers a reason to come back again. It can be as simple as a coupon for savings on their next visit or a buy-one, get-one-free offer. Couple that with a bring-a-friend promotion and you can expand your client base at the same time. If you have a customer loyalty program, you can give double points on subsequent purchases.

For service-oriented businesses, you could offer a free trial. For example, a lawn-care business could offer a mosquito application. Once customers experience the benefit, they’re more likely to request it in the future.

It’s time to reinvest in your returning customers. Take a page from how you integrate new customers by creating a welcome back packet that will help recharge your relationship. Start with these must-have elements.

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