Best Apps to Manage Your Business Contacts

It can get frustrating to keep all your contacts organized -- from names and companies to other helpful information you’ve gathered about people in your business network. But as the saying goes, “There’s an app for that.”

Check out these apps designed to make your business contacts more organized and accessible, making it easier for you to market and grow your company.


This contact managing app has been praised for being fast and easy to use. “It’s simple enough to use that it may actually make you want to manage your contacts,” writes Jacob Kastrenakes for The Verge.

“The problem is that managing your contacts is a chore, and most contacts apps are just a more intense version of that chore,” he wrote. But Cardhop, he said, is great because it lets you deal with your contacts quickly, through a single search box that controls everything.

The app lets you easily create or add a new contact. If you start typing the name of someone into the search box who isn’t in your contacts list, it’ll automatically begin creating a new entry, not forcing you to skip field to field adding the details. Also, Cardhop offers a feature with customized business card sharing that lets you edit your business card info before you share it.


The Cloze app automatically pulls together contact, biographical and interaction information from your email, social media connections, electronic address books, computer files, etc. to create a master profile of each contact. According to Cloze’s website, the app is, “The no-work way to see everything about your contacts in one place. Email, phone calls, meetings, notes, follow-ups and social.”

Cloze can also keep notes on your meetings with people, and like a customer relationship management (CRM) tool or personal assistant, it will prompt you to follow up with someone “We learn who is important to you and remember things when you don’t,” Cloze says on its website.

You can also use the Cloze app to let you know where you left off with someone – it gathers your contact info and reviews context from your notes, calls, documents, etc. to give you a summary on people you’re about to interact with.


In addition to making it easy to create new contacts and update information, the CircleBack app lets you scan and automatically transfer information from business cards into your address book. Plus, you can use it to take information from the signature lines on your emails to create new contacts.

It can also cross-reference contact lists in other platforms, like your social media accounts, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc, to weed out duplicates, and monitors social networks for any changes in job title, roles, etc. With the CircleBack app, you can create a digital card to share your contact information. 


CamCard is all about organizing your business cards -- it will take a photo of a business card and create a digital version by pulling the person’s contact information into your phone’s contact list. It can also be synced with your other contact lists, such as Gmail or Microsoft Exchange. 

So, it’s a great app when you’ve got business cards starting to stack up on your desk! And it can be used to exchange electronic business cards when you’re meeting new people at business events, tradeshows, seminars or conferences.

Also, the business version of CamCard – you have to have a certain number of employees to get it – offers more features than the individual version, such as integration with your customer relationship management software (CRM).


Covve, supported by a web interface, is like other popular contact management apps in that it lets you collect and incorporate your contacts and data, and will integrate communications across multiple platforms. It’s easy to search and filter through your synced list through customized tags you create, and it will fill in details that might be missing from your contacts’ profiles.

Plus, the Covve app has a couple of seemingly unique features to help you with “relationship management” – it lets you know if a contact is getting “cold,” it scans the news that affects your contacts and also pulls in profile photos of your contacts (to jog your memory before a meeting or to remind you who it is).

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