5 Top Small Business Automation Tools for Rapid Growth

5 Top Small Business Automation Tools for Rapid GrowthEver wish you could buy more time? It may not be as far fetched as you think. Some people do it by “working smarter, not harder.” And technology can help.

There are a number of business automation tools that can help you get more out of what you’re doing today. They can make better use of your time and help you grow your business faster.

Take a look at these five automation tools to see if they might be right for your small business.


Are you relying on sticky note reminders to keep track of your customers? How easy is it to buy from you? Are you capitalizing on your “A-list” customers? These are the details that eat up time for many small business owners. Infusionsoft is sales and marketing automation software that can help you manage your customer list, automate your email marketing efforts and streamline your sales process. It also talks to other programs that you might be using like the online storefront, Shopify.


Who’s creating all of that interesting information for your website, newsletter or your social media posts? It takes time to think about what you want to say. And then you have to write it and push it out. ClearVoice is one way to outsource that. You decide on the topics; they’ll provide feedback from experts and connect you with people who can write it. They’ll even help you publish it on your platforms. You’re still in charge at each stage of the process but others are doing the legwork to help you grow your small business.


Are all of your social media accounts getting out of hand? Keeping track of where you post is a challenge. Then you have to follow the comments on each one. Hootsuite can help you manage and schedule your messages across 35 popular social networks. They can monitor the conversation and let you know if you’re trending. Their analytics let you know how you’re doing. That helps you make tweaks along the way so you get the most from your social media outlets. They also help to ensure your messages meet regulatory and security standards.


Some business owners are great at telling their business's story. The problem comes in getting the word out there for potential customers to see it. After all, you’re no expert in search engine optimization (SEO). Spokal says you don’t have to be. They can help you get noticed in search engines and on social media. The service is offered on a popular blog platform, WordPress. They can help you select images, test which headline will work best or automatically share content on your social media accounts. Spokal also provides feedback so you can maximize your results.

Take the time to consider these automation tools. They might help you work smarter and grow your business faster.

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