The G Suite Apps Your Business Needs Now

Success in business is all about making the most of the resources available to you. And in the digital age, few resources are more valuable than G Suite apps. No matter what you do or whom your clients are, you’re likely to benefit from these six stellar apps:

1. Yet Another Mail Merge

Clear communication is critical in business, whether with customers or coworkers, and in the modern workplace, much of that communication is by email. Making sure others read and understand your emails is no easy task, especially when sending email blasts to large numbers of people. Yet Another Mail Merge lets you manage emails for hundreds or even thousands of recipients a day. By creating an email template and merging it with data stored in Google Sheets, you can create highly personalized emails that every one of your recipients can understand and remember.

2. GQueues

The larger and more complex your business is, the harder it is for you and your employees to remember all your appointments and responsibilities. GQueues makes it easier to keep track of all this. A task manager that can link to both your mobile device and your calendar, GQueues will remind you of any important dates and other responsibilities you have. With this app, everyone in your office can remember what they have to do and plan accordingly.

3. Kanbanchi

Workflow management is the bread and butter of a successful office. Kanbanchi helps you maximize your workflow by visualizing each task from start to finish. You can track how well you and your staff are using the time and resources available to you and eliminate inefficiencies wherever they arise.

4. Zoho Survey

Effective marketing is only possible if you know your audience. With Zoho Survey, you can create detailed questionnaires, send them to current and prospective clients, and integrate the data you gather with other marketing apps. 

5. Mailtrack

Whether you’re sending marketing emails to new customers or communicating with existing ones, it’s important to know whether clients are actually reading what you send. Mailtrack watches your outgoing emails to see whether they are opened and read. This helps you determine which emails are most effective so you can alter your content and style accordingly.

6. SignRequest

One of the biggest headaches in business is getting someone to sign a document when they aren’t physically present. SignRequest lets you do this virtually so the signer’s location isn’t an issue. Among other benefits, this means that if you forget to bring an essential document to a client meeting, you can still get the client’s signature without taking a second trip.

From improving communication and project management to refining your SEO, there’s no shortage of benefits to be found in G Suite apps. Improve efficiency all-around and see what other apps you can find to help your business thrive.

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