Chrome Extensions to Simplify Your Business

Google Chrome is a shining example of just how far you can get with a high-speed browser. And, like any vehicle, it has add-ons that can increase its power and boost your productivity. Here we outline some apps, gadgets and extensions that can put you well ahead of the competition. So hang on tight and read along.


Nothing derails credibility like misspellings and bad grammar. Ginger helps you avoid these by checking content, whether you’re corresponding with clients via Gmail or chatting up customers on Facebook. It costs less than a cup of coffee per month and is well worth the investment. Click here to learn more from Ginger herself.


Sync applications have been pursuing ‘total synchronicity’ since the dawn of digital communication, but Pushbullet may be the first to ever achieve it. Not only does it sync everything virtually at once, it also links Android and Apple devices. Incoming calls are visible via desktop, files can be forwarded from PC to mobile devices and more. If you’re in a ‘need to know now’ field and use a variety of devices, Pushbullet could be the key to keeping it all together.


Android phone users may never have to fumble with their phone to read texts again thanks to this powerful forwarding app. Texts show up in Chrome on your PC or tablet, and all are synced. With an additional extension, incoming texts can be forwarded to Facebook or Gmail as well. For complete details, go here.

Project Naptha

Your restaurant opens in days, and all you have to do is edit your brunch menu before sending it to the printer. The problem is, the file is a jpg, png or something else un-editable. Project Naptha changes this by using optical character recognition, giving you the power to copy and edit at will. Menu in French and you don’t speak it? Project Naptha helps you translate, too.


The draw of social media and online activity can undermine productive work time. In fact, according to Inc., small businesses can lose up to 130 hours a year due to employee use of social media sites and web surfing. StayFocused eliminates wasted hours by blocking pages, sites and apps you choose – or limiting their access.


Does your business do a lot of research using Wikipedia? WikiWand transforms its pages from jumbled, disconnected layouts to streamlined content that’s easy on the eyes. The result? Less time navigating pages and more time researching. To see samples of WikiWand content, click here.

We live in a global marketplace, and wants you to thrive in this new environment. Without the costly commitment to services, like Rosetta Stone, Lingualy increases your linguistic skills in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and others. Spend a few minutes at your laptop and see how quickly you pick up another tongue. A mobile app is also available to help you learn on the go.

If you’re ready to be even more productive, these Chrome extensions will help you succeed. All it takes is a few downloads to get started.

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