7 Free Apps To Make Your Comeback Easier

There’s no time to waste if you’re reopening after a temporary shutdown. There may be store modifications to make, staff to retrain and marketing to ramp up. While you can’t cut corners on these things, there are ways to make your other duties easier. Here are 7 free productivity apps to help you work more efficiently so you can focus on your small business in the pandemic age.


Want to add custom images to your reopening materials but you’re not a graphic designer? This image creator app provides drag-and-drop access to thousands of templates, design types, and free photos and graphics. That includes Zoom virtual backgrounds, infographics, posters, presentations, flyers, and Instagram stories. You can link up your social media sites to post directly to your feed. It also includes a free photo editor.


If you’re ramping up your prospecting efforts, this ecofriendly business networking app lets you send your contact information to a new contact via SMS text message. Just ask the person to send a text with your account name to 50500 and your information will automatically be texted to them. The information you provide can include links to your business’ website and social media pages. That means they’re one click away from you on their mobile device.


This is an easy-to-use time tracking app. It’s great for businesses who contract hourly with clients. The free version limits you to two active projects but you can archive projects to create space (or use the paid version to track multiple active projects). Users start/stop the app’s timer on their desktop or mobile device as they work. It gathers billable hours from each timesheet associated with the project and creates/sends/tracks invoices. You can also include any billable expenses incurred. Robust reporting is also available by client and project.


This mileage tracker app saves time as you get back on the road for businesses. The free version lets you track up to 40 drives per month (an unlimited version is available for $5.99/month). The app runs in the background and automatically (and accurately) tracks miles driven. You can add expenses like tolls and parking. In addition, you can identify the purpose of the trip and hours worked. Detailed reports can be run on your desktop by date, location, or other categories.


Ever say you’re going to quickly check emails and find yourself still there after an hour? This time management app acts as your gatekeeper to help set time limits on certain activities, like social media browsing. Just specify the minimum and maximum time you want to spend on a task (you can even target specific days). It will remind you when to start the task—and when your time is up. This is an iPhone-only app.

Wave Accounting

Spending too much time keeping track of the books? One of the few free accounting apps, it helps you better manage your accounting processes. You can connect it to your bank account so all transactions are recorded automatically in your books. It can also track expenses and scan receipts. For more information, here’s a review of the product by Fundera.


This automation app lets you connect two or more of the apps you already use to create automated actions. For example, say you manage Facebook leads by tracking them in an Excel spreadsheet. Rather than taking the time to manually enter the lead, this automatically sends the information from Facebook to your Excel spreadsheet. With a premium plan, you can add more steps, like sending you an email alert when it’s done or assigning it directly to an employee to respond.

When you’re ready to reopen, time really is money. You want to spend it on the activities that will create the most value for your business. See if these apps can help you offload some of the less critical tasks and create more productive time.

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