5 Apps to Grow Your Business Now

You've developed a clear vision to grow your small business, and current market opportunities indicate that it's more than possible to achieve your goals. As you grow your business, you'll have less time available for managing social media accounts, creating invoices, or scheduling appointments. Look to these five essential apps to do more in less time:

5 Apps to Grow Your Business Now

1. WorkflowMax

An all-encompassing app, WorkflowMax tackles some of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of running a business. Examples include lead management, invoicing, purchase orders, and more. Access WorkflowMax instantly from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Adjust the app to meet your specific needs using one of over thirty add-ons.

2. Hootsuite

In today's hyper-connected world, you may maintain a diverse social media presence. Hootsuite makes it easy, allowing you to organize your various platforms and take a closer look at analytics. With the free version, you can connect up to three accounts. Amp up your social media acumen further with one of Hootsuite's many paid plans, which help you generate leads via social sweepstakes and sign-up campaigns.

3. Jump Desktop

As the owner of a thriving small business, you are constantly on the go. The cloud allows you to access essential information at a moment's notice, but Jump Desktop takes this concept a step further by connecting you directly to your desktop from your mobile device or another PC. The app supports Bluetooth keyboard, multitasking, audio streaming, and more. Regular updates ensure that the app works perfectly with both Android and iOS devices. Built-in security ensures that your information remains protected at all times, regardless of your physical or virtual location.

4. Assistant.to

Tired of the constant back and forth of appointment booking? Assistant.to removes the headache from scheduling. Free for Gmail users, the app tracks your schedule and works with clients to determine an available time, thereby avoiding double bookings. Once an event is scheduled, both parties are notified. The app integrates several other services, including GChat, JoinMe, and ReadyTalk.

5. Trello

Excellent for both work and home, Trello offers an intuitive and highly visual take on project management. The service provides apps for most web browsers, plus Android and iOS. Use it to create boards or lists, share them with employees, assign tasks, determine workflow, or upload files. You'll appreciate Trello's simple user interface and its range of features. Enjoy free use of Trello's personal platform, or upgrade to Business Class to amp up your web security, export necessary information, integrate other apps, or control privacy settings.

As a solopreneur or small business owner taking on a competitive market, you need all the help you can get. Sometimes, help may come with a steep price tag and learning curve. The apps highlighted above are easy to use, and affordable, so you can rely on them through every stage of business growth. The more you integrate web and mobile apps into everyday functions, the easier you'll find it to efficiently grow your business.

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