Small Business Phone and Internet Bundle

The web is becoming increasingly important to modern communication, but does that mean traditional means of contact no longer matter? Small businesses need to use both phone and internet to stay in touch with suppliers, customers and employees. Rather than pay for each service separately, many organizations choose phone and internet bundles for small business. If properly tailored to your company’s characteristics, broadband and phone deals from Cable ONE Business have the potential to save you money and time while improving the quality of your communication.

Phone Internet Bundles from Cable ONE Business

Cable ONE Business offers small businesses to bundle a wide variety of phone and internet service packages into a single, reliable communications plan. In doing so, businesses can significantly reduce the total cost of their services. Bundling immediately lowers your total payments by five percent. If you sign a contract for the bundled services lasting one, two or three years, you can access additional savings worth up to 15 percent.

The specific price of business phone and internet packages varies based on the quality of service you purchase. The most affordable option is to buy a three-year contract with internet at download speeds of 25 megabits per second (Mbps) and a basic Business Phone Fax/Credit line, for a total cost of $74 per month. If that’s not fast enough for your business, you can purchase internet with download speeds as high as 500 mbps, as well as up to 50 mbps internet upload speeds, (500Mbps/50Mbps) as part of the bundle. Likewise, Cable ONE Business offers a variety of different phone and fax plans to meet your budget and communication needs, all of which are available in bundles.

Benefits of Phone and Internet Deals for Small Business

Financial savings are just the tip of the iceberg for how phone and broadband deals can benefit small businesses. Virtually all organizations have something to gain from these bundles, but they are particularly valuable for companies with:

  • Limit Vendor Management– Purchasing phone and internet separately means reviewing and signing two separate contracts, paying two separate sets of bills, and keeping up with changing policies from two separate vendors. For small businesses with few employees, these small tasks quickly add up, distracting you from your main business operations. Bundling your services simplifies your paperwork and other responsibilities, leaving employees free to focus on more productive activities.
  • Minimal Expertise – Not every business specializes in technical knowledge. If you don’t know how to diagnose and fix phone and internet service problems, you’ll need to rely on customer support from your providers. Bundling the services allows you to obtain this support from a single, convenient source. With a Cable ONE Business bundle specifically, you will receive technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Rapid Growth Prospects – Small businesses that expand rapidly often need to reorganize their communication services to accommodate that growth. Business phone and internet packages from Cable ONE Business are highly customizable, allowing you to reorganize and rebalance both services as your company’s needs develop.

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Communication is critical in any industry, which is why Cable ONE Business offers you as many options to keep your small business connected. For more information on business internet bundles, contact us today.

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Get a quick overview of business internet bundles when you download this easy-to-read infographic from Cable ONE Business. Download here.

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