"Phone systems for small business" checklist

Your small office phone system is one of the most integral components of your operation. The telephone preceded email, web forms and text messaging, and it continues to be the first choice for customer service. After all, talking to a real person certainly beats a wall of text. But can your business landline phones handle everything you need to do? Here are several crucial factors to consider when choosing between the many business phone systems out there.

Choosing Phone systems for Small Business

Scalable Solutions

When your business expands, so will your employee base and the number of phones you'll need. Some phone systems for small business aren't easily scalable, costing you time and money if you want to add another user. Before purchasing a system, you'll want to ask the provider if they can add more small business office phones without a hassle.

System Size

How high is your daily call volume? If you receive lots of calls, you'll want your business class phones to be able to accommodate each and every caller. If your phone system falls short and your customers are left waiting, they may not want to do business with you again.

Multiple Location Integration

Whether they're within the same city or across the country, your offices should be able to contact one another seamlessly. Hosted small business telephone systems allow for three-digit dialing, putting you in contact with headquarters, a warehouse or your new downtown office as if they are right next door.

Ease of Use/Maintenance

The best phone systems for small office operations are not only functional, but easy to use and service. Be wary of business phone systems that leave you to service the system on your own. Reputable providers offer 24/7 troubleshooting to keep your small business office phones running smoothly. And while the low initial cost of a second-hand phone system can be tempting, you'll save time, money and headaches in the long run by choosing a more dependable service.

Disaster Recovery

If the power goes out or another issue causes your phone service to go down, you'll want your system to be able to recover quickly. Make sure that your provider has a reliable disaster recovery plan to get your phones back up to speed in the worst-case scenario.


Last but not least, you'll want to choose a small office phone system that fits your budget. While you shouldn't pay for features you'll never use, you should consider where your business will be years down the line. You can also save money by bundling your small business phone system with business-class internet.

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Get a quick overview of phone systems for small business with this easy-to-read infographic from Cable ONE Business. Download here.

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