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Medical offices and healthcare clinics conduct a substantial portion of their business by phone. Not only do medical offices need to make sure their phone costs are as low as possible, but they also need to automate and streamline their telephone services. From writing a medical office phone message script to comparing the best long-distance deals, there are many areas in which clinics can improve their operational efficiency and their patient care.

Long Distance Phone Calling

Many companies find that patients will be calling in from all areas of the globe, requiring affordable and complete long-distance phone calling. Long distance charges are often separated by country and charged by the minute; the more affordable the rates, the more affordable the office administration and overhead will be. Many companies can offer packaged rates that will reduce expenses for a clinic or practice, with lowered rates for the countries that are most likely to call in.

Though VoIP systems are available, they may often not be as reliable as telecom systems, which can become a factor when dealing with something as critical as medical communications solutions.

Streamlining Medical Office Phone Etiquette

Patients calling in long distance may be looking to get files transferred, check on the status of a prescription or schedule an appointment in advance. Through call centers or automated services, medical offices can streamline their operations — both by providing medical office phone scripts to personnel and by automating call forwarding.

Long distance callers may be out of state or even out of the country, which means they often call outside of ordinary business hours. Phone systems for medical office use can be set to route calls to another location when the business is closed.

Even internally, medical office phone scripts can contribute significantly to maintaining a predictable and standardized level of care. As medical offices and healthcare clinics grow, they can standardize their phone scripts alongside their communications solutions. This allows for a completely consistent level of care throughout the clinic system — and can encourage patients to stay within a specific network of clinics.

Finally, medical office phone scripts can aid a healthcare organization in maintaining compliance. Stricter controls on communications are often necessary for businesses that want to remain entirely compliant with new healthcare regulations.

Integration with Patient Files

Automatic phone number identification can be used to make it easier to identify patients and look up their information in an internal document system. For medical practitioners, this can greatly increase the quality of care as all of the patient's information, files and previous communications can be easily located and consolidated. Integration with phone services can also make it easier to automatically call patients who need to fill prescriptions or to follow up with patients who need to make an appointment.

Healthcare phone systems need to be reliable and efficient. The services provided through an advanced, sophisticated telecommunications company can cut down on long distance costs and automate many standard calling functions.

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