How PRI Trunking Helps Grow Your Business

A solid communications infrastructure is critical for today's fast-paced business world. Your staff needs to communicate with each other, with vendors – and your customers. Unfortunately, many businesses lose a great deal of productivity due to outdated systems that don't work exactly as intended. PRI Trunking is an ideal solution for scaling your phone systems while ensuring high quality calls.

What is PRI Trunking?

PRI (Primary Rate Interface) is a telecommunications line that enables your phone line to carry data, voice and video traffic. It’s an ideal way to bring your investment in PBX technology up-to-date with current telephony features and solutions.

PRI Trunking is an interface that is used on an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) to carry information between your place of business and your telecommunications hub. 

Does Your Business Need PRI Trunking?

PRI Trunking eliminates these business slowdowns:

  • Dropped calls from customers and vendors
  • Poor sound quality
  • Telecommunications systems that don't allow you the quick collaboration that you need

PRI Trunking will support your additional customer service and support needs as your business matures. It can scale as you grow, including multiple trunks with 6-23 channels per trunk. Plus, your voice traffic takes priority on your own private network and fiber connection.

Benefits of PRI Trunking

PRI Trunking has a variety of benefits for businesses, including:

  • High quality sound 
  • Dedicated channel for your business that handles up to 23 simultaneous calls per trunk
  • Ideal for businesses that are highly complex and need advanced data-based phone systems and other functionality 
  • A reliable calling solution for organizations with extensive communications needs 
  • Often considered more secure than VoIP phone systems due to the on-premise location of the physical trunk

Highly reliable PRI Trunking systems have been used by businesses of all sizes for decades, and the quality is proven. Even if your internet access becomes unstable, you will still have access to your phone systems – critical for organizations who do a great deal of business over the phone.

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