Comparing Business Broadband & Phone Packages

You've heard that bundling broadband and phone can save you money, but finding the ideal plan for your business can be daunting. Broadband deals come in many shapes and sizes, and the cheapest business phone and broadband package may not be the best. You should determine the features your business needs, and choose a provider that delivers a quality product and reliable customer support. We compare business broadband and phone packages to help you make a smart decision for your enterprise.

Benefits of Cable ONE Business Phone and Broadband Packages

With over 20 years of experience providing quality telecommunications services throughout the U.S., Cable ONE Business stands out as one of the most reliable sources of broadband and phone bundles. A thorough business broadband comparison highlights the benefits Cable ONE Business offers more benefits including:

  • Fast broadband speeds of up to 10 Gbps (via fiber-optic Ethernet)
  • Quality phone features including long-distance calling and HD voice
  • Experienced professionals on call 24/7 to help you get the most from your service
  • The option to customize - pay only for what you need with the availability to modify your service as your business evolves
  • Up to a $500 credit for switching from your old business broadband and phone provider
  • Phone and broadband deals with savings of up to 20 percent
  • No more worrying about paying multiple bills - pay for all of your business services on just one bill

Why Choose Cable ONE Business Over the Competition?

With a nationwide presence, flexible and customizable broadband and phone packages, and dedicated 24/7 support, Cable ONE Business delivers a quality product and quality service that few competitors can rival. Stackable savings for bundling, switching, and choosing a one-, two-, or three-year plan also makes our services among the most affordable business phone and broadband deals in the industry. Lastly, our broadband and phone bundles are scalable. You can modify your service as your business needs evolve. For example, you might switch from coaxial cable broadband to fiber-optic Ethernet to get more speed.

While other companies may lock you into a contract from the start, Cable ONE Business offers a no-risk trial of your business broadband and phone bundle. If for any reason our service doesn't meet your standards, we'll refund your payment within the first 30 days.

Choose Only the Features You Need

While representatives can point you in the right direction, you know the needs and goals of your business the best. If you only need email and basic uploading and downloading capabilities, you may not need the fastest speeds. On the other hand, if you have a large enterprise with multiple locations, you should opt for higher speeds to support remote networking, video conferencing, applications, long-distance calling, and large-scale file sharing. Outlining what you need can help you avoid paying more for features you won't use. Most importantly, you should choose a provider that gives you the option to customize your broadband and phone bundle.

Contact Us Today!

To learn more about business phone and broadband packages, call your local Cable ONE Business provider.

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