Business Phone Service in Your Area

Business Phone Service in Your Area

No matter how tech-savvy your company and customers are, business telephone service is still a must to stay in touch with suppliers, partners, and customers. Local business telephone service providers can connect you, but what you really need is a business partner who understands business phone service—one who can provide the best possible call quality with affordable rates. Business phone providers like Cable ONE Business can help you find the best business phone service in your area for calling and budget needs.

What Areas Does Cable ONE Business Cover?

Cable ONE Business—headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona—provides business telephone options locally and nationwide. Our state-of-the-art, nationwide multi-service fiber optic backbone enables us to provide not only “plain old telephone service” but also PRI trunking to companies across the country.

If you’ve been scouring and searching the internet for “business phone service in my area,” or “ business phone plans in my area” look no further than Cable ONE Business. Whether your organization has a single location or satellite offices across the United States, we can connect your company with the business phone service you need at a price you can afford. We have coverage in 19 states so you won’t necessarily need to consider local business telephone service providers for each of your company’s locations in the same region.

What Business Phone Services Does Cable ONE Business Provide?

Although a business phone services costs a bit more than home phone service, you typically get more calling features than with residential service such as sequential ringing and music-on-hold. Advanced features like simultaneous ringing can help your team get in touch with your customers faster, no matter where they are. 

In addition to the features you’d expect from business phone service—including caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding—many of our business phone plans also include free long distance calling along with other advanced features. From dedicated credit card and fax lines to selective call forwarding, rejection, and acceptance, to simultaneous and sequential ringing, your team will be accessible whether they’re at their desks or out in the field.

Business phone providers may also offer options to choose toll-free (1-800) numbers or even vanity numbers that spell out the name of your business or product. Toll-free numbers ensure your callers can reach you without long-distance charges, and a vanity number can make your phone number easy for customers to remember. And while Cable ONE Business currently doesn't offer toll-free numbers, there are a number of cost-effective options available from toll-free providers to forward calls to your business lines.

How to Select a Phone Provider in My Area?

Business Phone Lines and PRI trunks

For small businesses with 20 employees or less, traditional Business Phone lines—known to telecom engineers as POTS (plain old telephone service) may be the right choice. With Cable ONE Business Phone, up to 12 phone lines can be installed at your business and work with a variety of phone equipment that can accept an analog phone line—whether it’s a phone on someone’s desk, cordless phone, a fax machine, POS terminal, or a dedicated credit card line. You pay for as many phone lines as you need and a choice of rate plan on each line depending on how you plan to use the service. 

If your company has more than 20 employees and a central phone system such as a PBX, you might opt for a higher-capacity solution like a Primary Rate Interface from Cable ONE Business, which can carry up to 23 voice channels on a single line, or trunk. A PRI-compatible business phone system can connect 23 active connections simultaneously per trunk and often with more trunks—so you can have more than 23 handsets or seats for your employees, just no more than 23 calls happening at once over a single PRI trunk.

For organizations that need more than 23 connections, you can add more than one PRI trunk to your business. Business PRI phone solutions require a piece of equipment called a PBX, which physically connects internal business telephones to the Public Switched Telephone network ( PSTN).

Why Choose Cable ONE Business?

No matter your industry, we will provide you with a business phone plan that meets your company’s unique needs. At Cable ONE Business, we want to partner with you to help you determine the right phone solution for your organization—and, we can also customize a bundle package that includes business internet and or television solutions, all on one bill. Reach out to a business adviser today for a free price quote for business telephone service tailored to meet your needs.

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