Best Broadband and Phone Deals

Business owners have a wide variety of choices when it comes to business broadband and phone providers. When considering broadband deals and broadband packages, it pays to look closely at the benefits each carrier offers in order to find the best broadband provider for you.

If you’re looking for some of the best broadband offers around or simply prefer cheap broadband deals, here are some of the reasons for considering Cable ONE Business when making the selection.

Reliable Service

Cable ONE Business offers broadband connectivity that’s 99.8% reliable, meaning you’ll rarely—if ever—lose service. This means everything from your website to outbound email marketing can flow smoothly.

High-Speed Broadband

With broadband speeds ranging from up to 25—500 Mbps and a variety of phone options that cover local, national and international options, businesses can leverage a powerful combination of services to stay competitive.

Increased Productivity

The best phone and broadband deals  are tailor-made for you can reduce inefficiencies and downtime. This can free you and your staff up for more productive work. 

Time and Money Savings

Your business can save up to 20% off standard rates when it bundles business broadband and phone packages with a term agreement. This could save you hundreds or more annually. 

Customized Solution

Cable ONE Business advisers can customize a small business phone and broadband deals to meet your exact business needs. Even superfast broadband is available for bundling.

Unsurpassed Service

Your business will receive the highest level of customer service on all internet and phone bundle packages, including 24/7 tech support 

Correct Phone Plan

With a variety of options to choose from, your bundle will deliver the phone plan that best meets the needs of your business. Whether you make local, long-distance or international calls there’s something for you.

Wired to Your Specifications

Cable ONE Business small business broadband solutions can be delivered over fiber-optic or traditional cable wiring. You choose the option that meets your demands and fits your budget.

Easier Payment and Recordkeeping

Because you only receive one bill, the time you spend on administrative details, like bill paying or recordkeeping is drastically reduced.

Learn more about Cable ONE Business phone and broadband deals. Talk to a representative today at 855.873.9596 and refer to the following links and infographic for more information.

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