Work from Anywhere with a Cloud Storage Service

Being productive while on-the-go has come a long way in just a few short years. Adding important work files to a floppy disk to take home with you quickly gave way to burning them to a CD, which itself gave way to the USB flash drive. Now, working from anywhere is more effortless than ever thanks to the wide range of different cloud storage service options that are available. If you’re the type of person who travels regularly, cloud storage services bring with them a host of unique advantages that can’t be ignored.

The Benefits of a Cloud Storage Service

The major benefit of working with a cloud storage service is one of productivity – especially in a team-based environment. If you’re collaborating on a project with other people in your office and everyone needs access to the same files, you don’t have to make multiple copies and try to track changes across from them. Because the file exists not on a local drive but on a cloud server connected to the internet, everyone has real-time access at all times.

This gives way to a superior level of visibility as to who is doing what, where and when. You can see who has edited a file and have immediate access to those changes. You can often set permissions for file and directory access based on the role someone is playing on a project or in a company. The best part? You can work anywhere an internet connection is available, whether you’re sitting in your office or are halfway around the world in an airport lounge.

Another major benefit of these types of services is that storing data in the cloud frees up valuable hard drive space across all of your devices. You no longer have to worry about hard drives getting full, or even some of the common issues that tend to occur as hardware ages like device failure. Your documents are always in the cloud, accessible from any device with an active internet connection, end of story.

Cloud Storage Mirroring Services

Along the same lines, cloud storage mirroring services exist that afford customers the same basic benefits in a slightly different way. Also commonly referred to as file syncing services, two of the most prominent examples of this type of service would be iCloud Drive (which is baked into the iOS operating system that all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices run on) and Dropbox.

With a cloud storage mirroring service, you have the ability to log into your desktop files from a centralized source. Any changes that you make to a document are automatically pushed to all connected devices, regardless of where or even how you’re accessing them. If you make a change to that important presentation, the file is updated on your work laptop and your desktop in the office instantly.

All you have to do is choose the directories to sync and the service itself takes care of the rest. You’re always working from the most recently updated version of the file with no extra effort required.

Take advantage of staying connected anywhere and at any time with a cloud storage service that meets the needs of your small business!

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