Why Your Business Needs To Call For Internet Service Protection

Imagine you’re in the middle of your biggest sale of the season. Customers are lined up at the cash register and online orders are pouring in. Then without warning, your internet goes down. Now you can’t run credit card purchases, can’t check on orders, and can’t make a sale.

That’s when it’s time to call for protection — Internet Service Protection, that is. It’s a service that automatically kicks in when your internet is down. An alternate internet connection is established and you’re back in business, instantly.

Learn more about this service and the options available for your small business.

Why It’s Important

Internet disruptions can happen, even with the most reliable internet service provider. A weather event causes a power outage, a road crew cuts into a line or a router malfunctions. Each of these is beyond your provider’s control and yet causes business interruptions.

Businesses pay a cost for those disruptions. Here are some of the consequences:

  • Financial fallout – Downtime means lost revenue. One study suggests businesses average four outages per year. Another estimates each event costs small businesses an average of $10,000 for every hour they are down. Even if you’re back up in 15 minutes, it’s a $2,500 loss. That has an impact on your operating budget and ultimately your cash flow.
  • Customer commotion – Service is a key competitive advantage for small businesses. Internet disruptions dilute that advantage. If it happens frequently or at a critical buying time, consumers may look for alternatives. That reduces your return on customer acquisition costs and opportunity for repeat sales. It also damages your brand’s reputation.

Options Available

Businesses have a number of options for Internet Service Protection. Ideally, you want to choose a different technology from your primary internet. For example, businesses with cable internet might go with a DSL backup. Those with a wired system might elect a wireless option. The idea is to choose systems that compensate for each other’s vulnerabilities.

At Sparklight Business, we know how the unexpected can make or break businesses. That’s why we’re offering Internet Service Protection. The service allows small and medium-sized businesses to keep their internet service running, including credit card and point-of-purchase machines during a service outage.

Here’s a look at some of the options:

1.   Wired Choices

  • DSL – This connection runs through your phone line. It may not provide the speed you need but it is widely available and often costs less than other options.
  • Cable modem – Rather than connecting through a phone line, this service provides internet service through a cable connection. It offers high-speed capacity but it may require installation if no cable wiring exists.
  • T1 or T3 – This service offers a dedicated line, often with the speed of a fiber-optic line. However, its cost may be prohibitive for small businesses, especially when used as a backup system.
  • Fiber network – This option can provide highly reliable, secure, and fast internet speeds. It requires an existing fiber network which may not be available in all areas. Due to its cost, this is more frequently used as the primary internet system.

2.   Wireless Alternative

A 4G LTE failover is a great option if your primary system uses a wired connection. Then an event like an accidental wire cut can be easily circumvented. During an outage, the failover feature automatically routes traffic to a nearby cellular carrier with the fastest speeds. When your wired system is back up, it automatically falls back. Some also provide a battery backup in case of a power failure.

It may not be as fast as your primary connection but as a protective system, it can fit your needs. Like LTE phone service, there may be data limits with extra charges if you exceed them. But if you’re using it for credit card transactions, this may be a cost-effective option for small businesses.

An internet disruption can spell trouble for small businesses and the customers they serve. Fortunately, there are several solutions to address it. Consider which option works best for you to keep your business up and running.

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