When to choose business internet and cable services over residential services

Reliable internet service is crucial to any small business. With so many package choices across multiple providers, home-based business owners are often unsure which internet deal best fits their needs. Read on to learn what sets business internet and cable services apart from residential services.

Faster Speeds

Businesses need speed, and most business internet services allow for faster upload and download speeds than residential packages. From transferring large files to streaming HD video to hosting video conferences, having more speed means less waiting and more getting things done.

More Data Per Month

The last thing your business needs is to run out of data. Many residential internet packages have data (a.k.a. bandwidth) caps that limit your internet activity to a set number of gigabytes per month. On the other hand, most business internet and cable services offer more than enough monthly data. Many cable and fiber optic internet services offer unlimited data, ensuring that you can complete even the biggest projects.

Comprehensive Tech Support

Many business internet providers offer more in the way of tech support than their residential counterparts. If you experience slow internet or an internet outage, you can call your provider for troubleshooting solutions and updates on your service.

Less Downtime

Most cable companies guarantee less downtime with business services. Internet companies must routinely disconnect services to conduct maintenance or upgrade equipment. If you choose residential internet, you may find yourself offline for an indeterminate amount of time. If you're exchanging emails or video calling with a vendor, customer or business partner, downtime can be disastrous. Business-grade internet services often offer up-time guarantees of 99 percent or higher, reducing your risk of disconnection at an inopportune time.

Business Internet and Cable Services - How to Get the Best Deal

While business services offer many advantages over residential, it usually costs more. This can be off-putting for startups with a small budget. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on business internet without having to settle for residential service:

  • Research providers in your area. Compare features and pricing, and ask about additional fees such as installation and equipment fees.
  • Ask your provider about contracts. Many business internet providers offer discounts if you commit to use their service for a year or more.
  • Bundle your internet service with phone and/or cable service for the best business rates. If you need phone or cable TV, bundling saves you money over signing up for each service individually.

Business internet and cable services give you the features your business needs to manage data and connect with customers and clients. Different providers offer different internet packages in each geographic region, so researching and comparing deals can help you get the best service at the best price.

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