Starting a Podcast? Start With Powerful Business Internet

Let's Talk About Podcast Pitfalls.

By the year 2024, more than 100 million U.S. citizens will be tuning into podcasts regularly, according to While many will be tapping in for the latest true crime sagas or updates on the lives of their favorite celebrities, a fair number will be listening to podcasts produced by businesses.

Businesses that podcast realize that this unique medium is "not only a great way to engage with your audience, but it can also help you reach new ones," cites the piece titled The Basics of Podcasting and How It Can Grow Your Business.

But before you leap, you must clear the technological hurdles that separate an average podcast with limited prospects for success from the standouts that endure. This blog will show you how.


The Thing About Sound

In the blog post "How to Start a Podcast" on, Jack Inslee, founder of Full Service Radio, advocates recording where the subject matter is. If you run a bustling social media agency, setting up shop in the middle of the fray is the best way to capture the essence—and ambiance—that creates emotional connections.

 "I've had mobile setups in train cars, backyards, music festivals—anywhere you can think of," he says. "There's a certain alchemy that happens when the public can see what's happening behind the glass, making the process even more exciting for hosts and guests."

While the idea sounds simple, the setup can get tricky. Moreover, the variables you can't control, like weather, traffic noise, and curious onlookers, can make it difficult for all but seasoned podcasters like Inslee to pull off. This is why most beginning podcasters start in a controlled environment of their own making.


A Soundproof Booth

A decent soundproof recording space is a critical component for anyone starting. And it doesn't require a spacious studio. In the piece, Jake Brennan, host of "Disgraceland," a popular true-crime podcast exploring the criminal underbelly of the music industry, states that he started in a small corner of his condo community basement.

To bring a space the size of a broom closet up to soundproof standards, all you need are some foam panels that minimize echoes and snuff out ambient external noise. For around two dollars a square foot, these acoustic panels available on Amazon could do the job for less than $100.


The Right Laptop and Software

While you could spend days researching the perfect laptop to create and store podcasts with, it boils down to the computer you can comfortably afford paired with the platform you're most comfortable operating—as long as they're reliable.

For many podcasters, this boils down to a Macbook Pro with a 16" screen with the popular sound engineering platform Garageband built right in. The price tag for this setup is about $1,500, which isn't cheap but gives you an intuitive interface and robust production capabilities.

Can I use a low-cost Acer, you might ask? Of course—for around $350, they make a 15" laptop that’ll get the job done—although you will have to shell out a little more for sound editing software.

Speaking of software, it's a frontier that has many different options and advocates. Beyond Garageband, several platforms also turn your laptop into a full-service recording studio:

• Pro Tools

• Audacity

• Adobe Audition

Most offer a free trial period you can leverage to see what’s right for you before investing.


Microphones and Headphones

To avoid the pitfalls of inferior sound equipment, recommends the Heil PR 40, available for around $400, with an adjustable support arm or the Audio Technica ATR 2100-USB that attaches directly to your laptop’s USB port.

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones can help you home in and focus on production values by employing a tighter seal around the ear that filters out distractions.


Don’t Forget the Internet

Your internet connection is crucial to podcast production and should be noticed.

At Sparklight, our robust and high-speed internet options help you download and upload content faster while making the most of cloud services, storage, and streaming platforms.

Internet Service Protection, a failsafe feature that ensures you stay connected when lines are compromised by weather or other events, can keep your podcasts up and running so you can stay in touch with your listeners.


A Sparklight representative would happily discuss your Business's Internet and podcasting needs to determine what’s best for your business. Contact us today.



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