Small Business Wi-Fi - Easy Tips for a Secure Connection

Your company’s cybersecurity is at risk this very moment. In fact, according to Inc. half of all hackers and cyber attackers are targeting small businesses first and foremost. From ransomware to malware, these cyber bullies are stealing data and surveilling your business activity. All of this starts with using the internet, something your company does every day. While you cannot avoid going online with your business, you can take steps to ensure a secure connection safe from hackers. Check out these resources for improving your wireless security.

Wi-Fi Equipment and Software

Settings for a Secure Connection

Improved Password Protection

Cybersecurity Policy

If something does happen to your company’s wireless connection causing a security breach, you want to be protected. Start with these proactive steps:

These resources provide simple yet effective ways that your small business can step up your cybersecurity game. In addition to protecting your company's information, you’re also on the right path to protecting the personal data sourced from your customers.


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