Metro Ethernet Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a web service for your business is always a balancing act. Not only do you need to make sure everyone at each of your company's offices can download and upload at reliable speeds, but you must also be certain that all sensitive information is secure. Combined with the need to find a service that is reliable and scalable, this is a tall order for many businesses to fill. Metro ethernet networks provide a valuable opportunity to accomplish each of these goals at once, all while keeping your service affordable and flexible.

What is Metro Ethernet?

Metro Ethernet is a general term used to describe an Ethernet technology network in a metropolitan area. Metro Ethernet is used for connectivity to the public Internet, and is also used for connectivity between corporate sites that are separated geographically. Businesses often use metro internet ethernet services in order to provide online access to all of their offices, as well as to link those offices together through ethernet private lines (EPL).

How Does Metro Ethernet Work?

Metro E is an advanced version of multi-protocol label switching, or MPLS. This involves creating short label paths between different nodes in a telecommunications network, allowing each member of that network to communicate quickly with the others. Metro ethernet services simply use ethernet cables, or Metro Ethernet network cables, to provide such quick communication. This improves performance, lowers costs, and makes the network easier to manage.

What are the Benefits of Metro Business Ethernet Services?

Metro ethernet access has a wide variety of benefits for businesses. These include:

  • Affordability - Metro Ethernet is one of the least expensive options for providing internet to multiple offices. Not only are operating costs low, but your company won’t have to invest much in maintenance services or equipment.
  • Speed - While connection speeds vary based on the amount of metro ethernet bandwidth you purchase, the potential upside is high. Businesses with Metro Ethernet enjoy speeds of up to 10 Gbps. There is also less difference in upload and download speeds compared to other service options.
  • Scalability - Not only are average speeds high, but it is easy and inexpensive to add metro ethernet bandwidth whenever your company needs it. This allows you to expand your internet service in tandem with your company’s overall rate of growth, making it ideal for new businesses and other firms that expect their communication needs to rise quickly.
  • Privacy - In addition to accessing the internet, you can also purchase metro ethernet-private line configuration. This involves creating a direct connection between two or more interfaces. If your company handles medical data or other sensitive information, you can transmit it securely through an ethernet private line (EPL).

Metro internet and private lines can make your business more efficient, flexible, and secure, but only if you purchase services that are suited to your unique needs.

For more information on metro ethernet basics or to learn about Cable ONE Business Ethernet Services, contact us today.

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