Look at These Factors When Assessing ROI for Business Internet Upgrades

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your business internet, consider the following factors to help determine whether faster internet speeds would make a difference to your bottom line.


Drives Sales

Upgrading your business internet can help drive sales in several ways, including faster page loads, which can lead to more conversions.


Research shows that even a one-second delay in page load time can result in 11 percent fewer page views and a 7 percent loss in conversions, which equal less sales for your business.


In addition to causing users to abandon the site, a slow site speed could affect your SEO efforts.


Search engines like Google prioritize fast-loading websites and may lower the ranking of slow-loading sites in search results, making it harder for users (customers and potential customers) to find your site.


Faster internet could support your SEO efforts and raise your business's visibility and reach, leading to increased sales and sales opportunities.


Increased Productivity

Businesses that choose to upgrade their plans get faster speeds and more reliable connectivity—both translate into increased productivity, which certainly will impact your bottom line.


Slow load times and interruptions can slow down productivity and affect the efficiency of processes and operations. Whether waiting for uploads and downloads or for access to data or platforms, there’s a measurable productivity loss, not to mention the frustration and low morale it creates among employees.


Conversely, faster internet gives everyone quicker access to the applications important to your business, such as video conferencing, cloud-based services, and data-intensive tasks like large file uploads or downloads.


Improved Customer Experience  

Reliable high-speed business internet supports multiple pillars of the customer experience, from ease of transactions to customer service and communications — all important to your business and bottom line.


Research shows that slow-loading pages or delays can prompt customers to leave your website and steer their business to a competitor. 


High-speed internet performance has been shown to support repeat business, as it helps your business maintain a positive customer relationship over time.


It’s a win-win for employees and customers if software updates, programs, and audio and visual files can load in a matter of seconds without resolution and, compression issues, etc.


Marketing, CRM Support

Further, reliable high-speed internet can bolster your marketing efforts on all fronts, from your website and email campaigns to your efforts on social media platforms, including live sales and new product events.


Regarding SaaS apps, slow speeds can significantly affect the performance of your customer relationship management (CRM) programs. 


Lags in processing data through CRM programs cause customers to lose interest and confidence in a business’s ability to operate safely and efficiently.


If available in your service area, consider upgrading to a fiber business internet connection. In addition to its super-fast speed, fiber internet offers the benefit of symmetrical speeds -- you get the same high speed for downloads and uploads.



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