Internet Only Packages - Business Internet Without Phone

Freestanding Internet Without Phone Line or Cable

A lot has changed in the past few years when it comes to communication for both businesses and individuals. Work is seldom limited to business hours, and customers have expectations of receiving a quick answer to their questions regardless of the time of day or night. While your business needs flexible communications, you need a way to gain access to internet only services without investing in phone or cable packages that you do not need and will not use. Freestanding internet is a great option for businesses who need to know how to get internet without cable company involvement. This non-traditional way of gaining internet access for your business works well due to the overall reduced costs and ease of administration.

Reduced Cost of Internet Without Phone

Businesses throughout the country are moving to internet only services as a way to save money for their organization. This is especially important if you're in a rural part of the country where internet access that is bundled with standard phone providers is expensive and difficult to manage. When you work with an exclusive internet only partner, you're able to receive only the services that you need and optimize your contract for your particular business needs.

Benefits of High-Speed Internet

Running your business can get expensive quickly, and having broadband internet access can be both an opportunity for savings as well as a cost center. If you regularly work with individuals around the country or even the world, travel expenses can eat up a significant portion of your budget quickly. However, with internet only services, you're able to quickly and easily create teleconference lines that can replace travel in some instances. Here are several more benefits of high-speed internet for your business:

  • Reduce or eliminate communication challenges
  • Provide customers with fast access to your website and other online services
  • Consistent cost each month
  • Improved collaboration
  • Large files transfer quickly
  • Move business processes to the cloud

Better Connection Equals Better Security

If you have been wondering how to get internet without cable or phone line added costs, perhaps the most important consideration is the ability of your teams to quickly backup and restore critical business functions. When you have access to broadband internet, your data and your customers are more secure. Disaster can strike at any time — whether fire, flood or even a ransomware attack — and if you're not backing up your data on a regular basis, you could lose thousands to tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of business time attempting to recover your business data and operations.

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