How to Make a Decision on High-Speed Business Internet

Running and growing a successful business is hard work. Choosing high-speed business internet service shouldn’t be. If you’re looking for a reliable business high-speed internet provider that understands your needs—from bandwidth to price to scalability, you want to find the best possible provider.

Understanding Your High-Speed Business internet Needs

Before you start comparing business internet plans, you should determine your company’s needs. Your commercial internet speeds should exceed your company’s usage, but not by so much that you’re overpaying. You should know how many of your employees use the internet, as well as how they use it. If your team uses the internet for video conferencing, research, WiFi, customer interaction, or sending and receiving files, you should be aware of your current business internet speeds to make certain you have enough bandwidth for those uses. In particular, companies that use VPNs or cloud services like Dropbox, Go to Meeting, Box, WebEx, OneDrive, Skype, or Google Drive — or cloud-based line of business applications like QuickBooks, Salesforce, or Office 365 — should definitely consider the fastest commercial internet speeds.

You’ll also want to factor in equipment. If you have a large office, you may need additional hardware to support Wi-Fi throughout your location. You may also want firewall hardware to increase network security. When choosing a high-speed business internet service, be sure the provider can offer you everything you need, and can provide you with all associated costs before you get started.


How is “Business” High-Speed internet Different?

When it comes to high-speed internet for business, there are many differences from residential internet service. In most cases, business internet speeds are far higher than residential internet speeds. Business high-speed internet can also be configured to prioritize specific actions; for example, video streaming. Some ISPs deprioritize video and music streaming or online gaming to maintain internet speeds; however, if your company relies on any of these services, high-speed internet for business can be configured to prioritize these activities.

In most cases, business high-speed internet service providers ensure better customer support and service than residential internet service. When you consider a business high-speed internet provider, be sure to look into the service level agreement as part of your research. Additionally, some internet service providers throw in a variety of perks that may or may not be useful to your unique business situation, so be sure to determine whether or not they are valuable to you before you factor them into your decision.


Why Choose Sparklight Business?

If you want a business partner who will help with your business internet plans comparison, look to Sparklight Business. Our business high-speed internet plans are customizable and scalable to fit your needs for today and tomorrow—and our ultra-reliable, state-of-the-art nationwide network gives you an alternative to the phone company or regional providers—with 24/7 business-grade support services to keep you up and running.

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