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​Especially when it comes to High-Speed Internet plans

The "Clicking on all Cylinders," series is designed to help small businesses run more efficiently by making the most of their online and digital efforts. In this piece, we look at what to consider when choosing an Internet plan, outlining the options, extras and more. It's just one more way to help you optimize your online and digital efforts – and help your business compete like never before.

Choosing an internet Service Provider (ISP) is a lot like choosing a car. The lot is filled with options ranging from ultra-practical to sexy-sleek. How do you know which Internet connection is right for your business? While test drives are usually out of the question, there's no shortage of information available about the choices available.

We outline them here in a handy user's manual.

First  - Know your Needs and Checks Your Speeds

Smart car shoppers know what they want from a vehicle before they step foot on the lot. The same holds true for business owners considering ISPs. Are you downloading large files and streaming video? Or simply going online to send and receive emails or monitor competitor's social sites? If you don't know how you or your employees will be using your connection, find out by conducting an informal internal audit.   Finally, test your current internet speed with our Internet Speed Test Check.

Types of Business Internet Connections

Cable Internet

Cable uses standard coax to deliver Internet access through a cable modem without interrupting television and digital phone service. It's a popular choice for business Internet users, offering download speeds of 10 to 500 Mbps, and two to 50 Mbps for uploads. Businesses with up to a few dozen or more simultaneous users will find this more than adequate. Monthly prices for business cable Internet can range from $70 to over $400.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL uses traditional telephone lines to connect to the Internet. You don't have to dedicate an entire line to use DSL Internet but some nuances, like performance fluctuations the further you are from the ISP's exchange, are part of the landscape. Download and upload speeds are minimal, averaging 16.22 Mbps and 512 Kbps respectively, which can typically support a point of sale system or a few users at the same time. Cost ranges from $50 to $90 per month or higher depending on speed for business class users.

Fiber-optic Internet

Fiber Internet sets a high bar, delivering superior performance through fiber-optic lines, either directly to the customer or to a distribution hub where copper lines take over. Fiber-optic connections permit download speeds of 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps  and upload speeds of 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps providing more than enough access for many businesses. Since fiber provides such high bandwidth, it can easily provide IP phone, Internet, and in some cases Business TV  service for hundreds of  simultaneous users. Monthly pricing can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars for shared or dedicated internet access solutions.

Hardware and Installation

It's not always apparent what an ISP will provide as part of a package, but options can range from a basic modem to additional bells and whistles, such as Ethernet ports, firewall protection or  built-in Wi-Fi router. If this information isn't spelled out somewhere, the provider's service line is the first place to start. In addition, free installation usually requires a contract commitment of up to three years, so be sure to clarify exactly what "free" means before signing up.

Cable ONE Business Internet

Having an online presence and reliable internet connection are essential to the success of every business. At Cable ONE Business, we provide the tools and technology you need to successfully get online and manage your business communications with business-class Internet services with speeds up to 500 Mbps download / 50 Mbps upload. Dedicated Internet Access over fiber is also available with symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gbps. And that's speed that can quickly boost your bottom line.

For more information about Cable ONE Business services, call 844.843.9804 or visit business.cableone.net.

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Source: 16.22 Mbps average DSL speed in the United States dslreports.com/speedtest/results/country as of 12/5/2016

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