Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet Network for Your Business

Have you heard the term “operating at the speed of business?” Well, businesses today need to operate at speeds that are blazing fast, and one of the best ways to transfer data at speed is by having a Gigabit Ethernet access point. Only a few short years ago, Gigabit Ethernet wasn't as widely available for small businesses. Fortunately, the cost of this crucial technology has become more and more approachable, making it much more reasonable for a wider variety of organizations than ever before.

Gigabit Ethernet Networking

You'll do what it takes to ensure that your business stays competitive, and providing fast access to information and digital tools is a critical first step to outpace your competition. If you're not familiar with Gigabit Ethernet network design, it may feel a bit intimidating at first. As your applications require lightning-fast access to a large quantity of data points, you'll soon find that your needs are outpacing the speed you receive from your current infrastructure. A Gigabit Ethernet WAN will provide you with not only the speed, but also the reliability that you need to continue to appropriately service your customers.

Passive Optical Network

If you have multiple endpoints that you need to service in your organization, a Gigabit Ethernet passive optical network may be a good option to consider. With this paradigm in place, you’ll be able to create an architecture that is point-to-multipoint, providing you with a great deal of flexibility in implementation. Endpoints may be individual customers instead of a commercial application, but the use of standard splitters allows you to implement this option quite cost-effectively.

Media Access Control

Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control (MAC) provides support for exceptional multi-Gigabit network speeds while allowing for balancing and fail-over. The MAC allows for direct communication between PCI-x local bus interface and Peripheral Computer Interconnects (PCIs). This type of Ethernet connection offers a high level of integration that allows computer device manufacturers to utilize standards-based auto negotiations between desktop computers, servers and other workstations.

Benefits of a Gigabit Ethernet

Creating a Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network is still relatively pricey, and network administrators will need to weigh whether or not the investment makes sense for their particular organization. A Gigabit Ethernet WAN port is pricier than what is considered fast internet, or speeds of up to 100Mb/s. There are also hardware and cabling considerations to be taken into account. The benefits of Gigabit Ethernet include:

  • Access to more bandwidth than traditional options
  • GbE is often needed in order to facilitate video conferencing
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) means the number of devices on each network is growing exponentially
  • More advanced management interface
  • Security is enhanced with the use of a Gigabit Ethernet network driver
  • Meets or exceeds the power requirements of new video security monitoring solutions

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