Dedicated Ethernet Connectivity

What Is Dedicated Internet Access for Business?

As business decision-makers, we invest time and money into an Ethernet network. Then, a few years down the road, it can't meet demand. We need to expand our use of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, software as a service, and automation to keep up in a competitive industry. But our current business Ethernet services are holding us back. There is a solution.

A dedicated Ethernet connection, also known as dedicated Ethernet networking, a dedicated internet connection or dedicated internet access is the next generation of Ethernet enterprise solutions. To understand what dedicated Ethernet networking is, we must first look at what it isn't. It isn't one of the common legacy systems. Then, we'll explore what makes a dedicated Ethernet internet connection different.

Common Ethernet enterprise solutions

Most legacy systems today likely include a T1, frame relay, and asynchronous transfer mode. And some businesses are even sharing their bandwidth with other businesses.

To keep this article on point, we won't go into too much detail about these older technologies except to say that they served their purpose within businesses for some time. But these days, they are no longer enough to meet complex business needs. They can't handle the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth.

Why common business Ethernet internet no longer works

These legacy technologies aren't sufficient in today's business environment because of the need for the following:

  • Remote workers
  • Video conferencing
  • Video uploads and downloads
  • Cloud computing
  • Business continuity processes
  • AI and automation
  • Backups
  • Software as a service

Not just any business Ethernet services are up for these kinds of challenges. Legacy solutions are limited in their ability to grow beyond where they are today. Many businesses and information technology teams try to expand and make the most of their existing technology.

But it's like squeezing water out of a rock.

This inefficiency has a tangible impact on your bottom line with:

  • Slow speeds
  • Data corruption
  • Lost employee productivity
  • System downtime
  • Poor user/customer experience
  • Lost revenues
  • Increased expenses

How dedicated internet access is different

Ethernet DIA can manage massive amounts of data. And because it's dedicated, businesses don't have to share bandwidth with others. They always have the bandwidth they need to meet demand.

A dedicated Ethernet internet connection is delivered via an Ethernet fiber-optic cable. It can currently handle bandwidths between 1 megabit per second and 10 gigabits per second for both uploading and downloading data. In comparison, other options can provide businesses up to 100 Mbps on downloads and 2 to 3 Mbps on uploads. They may be enough for the average consumer. But it's not enough for a competitive business.

With Ethernet DIA, businesses can:

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Meet ever-increasing customer demands
  • Integrate SaaS, AI, and cloud computing
  • Scale it to meet business needs

Integration into legacy systems

Anytime we hear about a better solution, as business leaders, one of the first questions we ask is: Does this require a complete overhaul of my existing infrastructure? We've invested time and money into it and we don't want to just rip it out and start over.

Fortunately, even though these Ethernet services are so much better than legacy systems, they are based upon the same basic technology. They can effectively integrate into existing systems.

A dedicated internet Ethernet network is an upgrade of existing technologies. Because of that, it can effectively integrate and scale to meet business needs.

How to get dedicated internet Ethernet

Business today demands a different kind of Ethernet services. Business needs continuous, dedicated, high-bandwidth service to grow in today's business environment.

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