Cable TV for Your Business

Cable TV for Your Business

Consumers are guided by higher expectations than ever before. They expect to stay connected to the digital world all day, every day, and regardless of where they are. Small businesses can take advantage of this desire to be plugged in all the time by subscribing to customized business cable TV packages. Customers, clients, patients, patrons or visitors won’t mind having to wait if cable TV is there to distract them.

Types of Businesses That May Benefit from Commercial Cable TV

Sports Bars, Restaurants and Coffee Shops

According to Small Business Trends, sports bars face fierce competition as they vie for customers who are looking for venues where they can watch major sporting events that they may not be able to see at home. Having the latest and most complete sports TV bundles that broadcast programming from major TV providers on many strategically placed televisions will appeal to a broader customer base of sports fans.

Many coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants already offer free internet access via a Wi-Fi hotspot that is connected to the business’ existing internet service. Adding TV for business will give these food service establishments an amenity that is sure to appeal to an existing and broader customer base, but can also be used as an effective marketing and advertising tool.

Professional Services, Medical Offices and Hotel Lobbies

Business cable TV helps clients, patients, and hotel guests stay connected to the outside world. When customers and patients sit long periods in waiting rooms or office reception areas, they get frustrated. When professional offices offer amenities like access to free internet service and the diversion of cable TV entertainment, visitors feel more patient and satisfied during long wait times.

Exercise Facilities and Fitness Centers

Working out can be boring, and for some, it can be easier to stay motivated if they have entertainment while they’re exercising. Fitness centers that purchase TV packages from cable companies provide this option for their members; and placing TVs throughout the facility that can be seen from every machine is an ingenious marketing tactic, and can increase the satisfaction of members.

Making an investment in business TV packages may not only offer a cost-effective marketing tool, but leaves a good impression on the people upon whom your business relies. Whether you own a coffee shop, a sports bar, a medical, dental, legal or professional office, your business will continue to grow if these individuals find value in their time while they wait.

Download Infographic

This easy-to-read infographic from Cable ONE Business provides a quick summary of how cable TV applies to different businesses. Is yours one of them? Find out here.

Entertain and Inform with Affordable Cable TV for Business

Most cable TV providers can offer business TV packages designed specifically for your type of business or needs, such as TV and cable internet bundles. TV bundles can make your choices easier. Whether you need basic programming on a few TVs, or a complex multi-channel business cable system for multiple locations, Cable ONE Business has you covered.

Entertain and inform your customers, guests and employees with the most popular, high-resolution cable TV packages for business, backed by unsurpassed customer service at very affordable rates. Give us a call today for a free consultation and quote at 855.873.9596.


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