5 Things to Know About Cheap Business Internet

Want Cheap Internet?

As a small business owner charged with keeping costs in check, it’s only natural to want to pay as little as possible for internet access. But there’s a difference between finding the best internet provider for your business and settling for cheap internet service that costs less up front, but fails to deliver in the long run.

Here are five things to keep in mind when choosing:

1. Speed Comes at a Price

The first thing to consider when it comes to cost is the speed you receive for the cheap price advertised. Typically, the lower you pay, the slower the service. Can your business afford to stream, chat live, send and receive emails and do everything else it needs to with a slower plan? If not, then the money you save up front is costing you somewhere else.

2. Cost is Relative

What may seem like a high price for internet may actually be a reasonable amount depending on how the pricing is structured. Some providers will bundle internet with other services, such as phone and TV. They may also offer discounts or additional ways to reduce the amount you pay.

3. Demand and Access Count

A cheap internet price may not factor in things like the number of devices and plan users. If it’s a basic tier price, it may jump up if your demand for services increases. Or, cheap internet providers may not offer the amount of download or upload bandwidth you need to conduct everyday business.

4. Reliability Matters

Can your business afford to stop transmitting sales if your cheap business internet goes down? Of course, the answer is no, and the same holds true whether you run a pop-up shop or a chain of stores. A cheap business broadband provider may fall short when it comes to reliability. Be sure to check how often a low-cost provider experiences outages, or check out its client satisfaction reviews.

5. Don’t Keep Paying for a Mistake

If you choose a cheap internet provider and it doesn’t turn out to be the best internet provider for your business, don’t be afraid to switch plans. While there may be penalties to pay, ask yourself if continuing with a service that doesn’t deliver makes sense in the long run. Continuing with a plan you’re not satisfied with may save some money each month, but it could mean losing good customers, too.

Extra Tip: Make a Bundle Work for You

While you may only be looking to cut down on internet costs, you may be able to get a better value if you bundle business internet with other services. Many providers offer pricing bundles that factor in things like phone and TV. Some may even customize a bundle exclusively for your business.

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