The Top 5 Things Customers Want to See on Your Website

It used to be that customers looked into store windows to decide whether they should come in and look around. Today, customers rely on your website to browse and learn what you have to offer. Once they do, they’re more likely to buy. That’s why it’s so important to know what they want to see on your website. Here are five features customers expect when they come knocking. Are you ready to deliver on these must-haves?


With almost daily headlines about data breaches, customers are understandably concerned about how safe your website is. They want to know that sensitive information like credit card numbers is protected. One way to do that is to switch to HTTPS hosting. It ensures that visitors can interact with your business in a safe environment. This Hubspot article explains why it’s good for your business too.

It’s also important to be upfront with how you track and use customer-provided information. Disclose what types of information you collect, how you collect it, and whom you share it with. Here's an example of the Small Business Administration's privacy policy.

Contact Information 

What if a visitor wants to ask you a question, or even better, wants to visit your store? That’s why accurate contact information is critical. At a minimum, you should include a phone number (with an option to leave a message), an email address and your physical location.

It’s not just the information but where and how you display it on your website that’s important. Your phone number and email address should be displayed so mobile users can click on them to contact you. Your physical address should have a locator function that shows visitors exactly where to find your business on a map. For more ideas, take a look at Hubspot’s pick for the best “Contact Us” pages.

Easy to Navigate 

Your visitors should be able to quickly locate the information they need. A search bar is one way to make that easier. It directs them to the most relevant sections of your website. It’s also a valuable tool to learn what visitors are looking for. With that information, you might relocate high traffic sections to a more prominent place on your site.

Remember that many visitors are using their mobile devices to look at your website, so you want your content to be easily read whether they’re on a computer or a smartphone.

Social Media Integration

Your website might be the entry point for new visitors, but they may not be ready to buy yet. So be sure your website includes links to your social media platforms. It’s a way for visitors to stay in touch with you until they are ready to buy.

It also gives you an opportunity to provide them with relevant content that develops your relationship over time. Hootsuite offers additional suggestions to incorporate social media on your website.


Your website needs to tell your business’ story using your own unique personality. That means the words, images, and colors should reflect your brand. It should let customers know who you are and why they should choose you.

For example, a website for a pain-free dental practice might feature warm colors, smiling faces and encouraging client reviews. While a pediatric dentist’s site might feature primary colors, superhero characters, and games that teach kids how to brush their teeth.

Build credibility with customers by delivering the content and features they look for in a website. Start with these five must-haves and encourage them to do more than just window-shop.

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